Former CNN Anchor to Fill In for Keith Olbermann

Jan 31, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A former CNN anchor will fill in for Keith Olbermann on Current TV’s "Countdown" this week, reports TVNewser.com. Eliot Spitzer will host the show while Olbermann is suffering from bronchitis, according to the report.

Spitzer will handle the network’s Florida primary coverage, marking his first hosting role on TV since he left CNN in July, the piece notes. It’s possible that his gig is meant to test Spitzer for a more long-term role on the network, the story adds.

Olbermann and Current have been battling over Olbermann’s role in covering the 2012 presidential election, as previously reported. Olbermann was notably absent from Current’s recent presentation at the Telvision Critics Association press tour, when he was said to be on vacation, as we reported earlier this month.


  1. Current. Where washed-up cable news anchors go to die.

  2. I hate to imagine TV w/o Keith (again), but this time, I want to see a note from his doctor (and redacted pill vials wouldn’t hurt, either). As you say yourself, it’s hard enough to get through every day of the world’s crap. I don’t need yours, too.

  3. Sorry, Doug, Fox Business Channel is where washed-up anchors go to die, just look at their line-up. Word is, Olbermann is returning to Current next Monday after a bout with bronchitis, but I have to wonder since his photo was recently left out of a newspaper ad. There are also rumors he’s been approached by third-place CNN to take the slot presently held by the low-rated Erin Burnett, which would afford him a much wider audience than Current, but would he want to deal with CNN management? Only time will tell but, if Olbermann isn’t back on Current next Monday, I’d say that a good indication he’s heading somewhere else.

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