How Much TV Viewing Is Done ‘Live’? Probably Less Than You Think

Jan 12, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A new report provides a figure for the percentage of television viewing that is done “live” or in real time — without the help of a recording device or the Internet — and the figure is lower than most people would think, reports Time.com.

The study by TiVo reveals that only a little more than one-third of TV viewing in TiVo households is now done in real time, the story reports. It’s important to emphasize that TiVo, which would have an interest in the results, only measured homes that are equipped with TiVo devices. That means broader interpretation of the figures is risky. Still, the trend is significant.

TiVo reported that only 38% of TV viewing happens in real time among its users, while that falls to only 27% among viewers with Netflix, Hulu Plus and other online streaming subscriptions, the story says.

"It’s not something advertisers or television networks want to hear, but it’s beginning to look like television viewing as we know (or knew) it is quietly dying," the piece notes.

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  1. That is why more and more smart advertisers are moving to online advertising where they know the ad is being seen and fast forwarded.

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