Ricky Gervais Opens Up About What Went Wrong With Golden Globes — and Reveals What He Has in Mind for the Next One

Jan 6, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Ricky Gervais, who surprised many observers when he got the gig to host the next Golden Globe Awards, opened up about what he did wrong during last year’s ceremony, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Talking with Matt Lauer in an interview for NBC’s “Today” show, Gervais also previewed what to expect from him in the next ceremony. And if his comments are on target, the stage is set for another wild ride.

"I do it my way. I get final edit on everything. And everything I do turns out like I wanted," Gervais said of the upcoming ceremony, set to air Jan. 15 on NBC. "And they don’t know what I’m gonna say. And they won’t know what I’m gonna say till I say it."

Gervais initially said he would never host the Globes again, after his performance at the 2011 was shredded by many industry insiders. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which puts on the awards, ultimately decided to take a chance on him, knowing he could cause trouble but also knowing he would generate attention.

"I got it a bit wrong I think the first time,” Gervais said on “Today.” “I tried too hard with the shtick, the comedy, and I should have just gone out there and done zingers, I think, because the attention span of someone at an award show, particularly the Golden Globe, is about a second."

"They’re drinkin’, they’re talkin’, they’re seein’ someone. You know, you’ve gotta grab their attention,” Gervais added. “It’s not a great place for a comedian to play because they’ve got other things on their mind. They’re there to see if they’ve won an award, but they don’t wanna see this guy come out and telling jokes. Certainly not jokes at their expense."

Gervais also quipped: "I might even really be drunk."

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