Rupert Murdoch Now on Twitter and Can’t Seem to Stop Tweeting. Tweets ‘all Iowans think about Rick Santorum. Only candidate with genuine big vision for country.’ Murdoch Even Tweeting Support for Obama (!)

Jan 3, 2012  •  Post A Comment

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch "recently addicted to Twitter – has tweeted his support of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum," reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The article says,"Santorum was a commentator for Fox News until he was suspended in March when he acknowledged that he was considering a run for president….In one heated exchange prior to Murdoch’s tweet, Fox News personality Alan Colmes criticized Santorum for the ‘crazy’ way he mourned the death of his son 16 years ago."

Colmes later apologized.

The article adds, "Murdoch, new to twitter but already boasting more than 73,000 followers, has been a prolific tweeter since Saturday, much of the time, though, he’s pushing his own products."

For example, he’s tweeted praise for two Fox films, "We Bought a Zoo" and "The Descendants." He also praised a book published by News Corp’s HarperCollins, "The Rational Optimist."

He’s also already tweeted support for Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City and, surprisingly, President Obama. In one of the latter Murdoch tweeted, "Obama decision on terrorist detention very courageous – and dead right!"

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