Justin Bieber Sued by ‘Joustin’ Beaver’ Video Game

Feb 28, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Pop star Justin Bieber is embroiled in a legal beef with the maker of a sound-alike video game that says it has the First Amendment on its side, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bieber’s camp served notice two weeks ago with a cease-and-desist letter to Android app maker RC3 over the game “Joustin’ Beaver,” the story notes. Bieber’s position appears to be that the game infringes the singer’s trademark and publicity rights.

But RC3 pre-empted any subsequent legal action by Bieber’s side by filing its own suit. The lawsuit admits that the game is aimed at Bieber’s popularity.

According to the report, the suit states: "In an effort to comment upon the Defendant’s life, the Plaintiff, RC3 developed the aforementioned App entitled ‘Joustin’ Beaver.’ The App, a video game, is a parody of the commercial success of the Defendant and any celebrity. The parody app portrays a beaver floating on a log down a river. The beaver presents with bangs, a lance, and a purple sweater. The beaver knocks ‘Phot-Hogs’ that are attempting to take his photograph into the river with his lance. The beaver also signs ‘Otter-graphs.’ The beaver also must dodge the ‘whirlpool of success,’ which will lead beaver out of control, while navigating the river."

The story reports: “By claiming that the game is a comment on Bieber’s life and also invoking ‘parody,’ the game company hopes to convince a judge it has a First Amendment right to use the teen pop star’s intellectual property.”

The report notes that the parties negotiated after Bieber’s side submitted the cease-and-desist letter, but wer unable to reach an agreement.

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  1. What are his lawyers thinking? No one would have ever heard of this app. Now it is getting a whole puiblicity cycle that they can use to keep this thing in the press for weeks and possibly months if he doesn’t drop this stupid suit. Parodies have been protected by the courts for decades. And this is a weak and silly parody.

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