Workers Picket Cable Series in Fight Over Unionization

Feb 28, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A group of workers representing two unions picketed Monday in Burbank, Calif, in a show of support for crew members from the cable series “1000 Ways to Die,” the Los Angeles Times reports in its Company Town blog.

The story reports: “The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Teamsters Local 399 organized picket lines Monday morning outside the Burbank production office of Original Productions, the producer of the Spike TV show. ‘1000 Ways to Die’ has become the latest flash point in an effort by Hollywood’s leading unions to extend contracts to the rapidly growing cable TV sector.”

The unions say the show fired about 30 crew members last week after they voted to join the unions. The unanimous vote was part of an effort to obtain health and pension benefits along with collective bargaining rights, the story reports.

Steve Dayan, business agent for Teamsters Local 399, told the paper: “This is a successful show. They’re making money and they’re doing it on the backs of this crew.”

Teamsters Local 399 represents location managers, casting directors and drivers, the story notes.


  1. “This is a successful show. They’re making money and they’re doing it on the backs of this crew.”
    In other words, they’re making money so we’ve got to swoop in and get our “fair share.” EVERYONE and every production position in cable TV has a commercial day rate. It’s up to you – the individual – to either accept the industry standard rate; negotiate a higher one; or turn down the gig.
    What the Union wants to do is obtain – for THEIR members – a higher rate than everyone else is making AND, they will impose “rules” that have been proven to slow down and therefore INCREASE the cost of doing production. In other words, ALL they are interested in is “what’s in it for me.”
    That’s hardly “fair” and it’s the reason those 30 crew members were let go. Tough break.

  2. Yeah…That’s what’s going on. Unions = Evil & Corporations = Good. Please pull your head out of your arse before posting any more “enlightening” diatribes! Thank You!

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