TV Chef Fires Off the ‘B-Word’ After Getting a Question That Hit a Little Too Close to Home

Mar 9, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A popular TV chef had a bad moment during a publicity event and found himself backpedaling over his choice of words after he had a chance to think about it.

Jamie Oliver let loose at a press event in Australia after receiving a question about his weight and a suggestion that he should follow his own healthy eating advice, reports Australia’s Herald Sun.

Responding to an observation that he’s heavier now than the last time he visited Australia, Oliver retorted, "Are you from a tabloid? Thank you for noticing, you bitch," according to the story.

He later blamed having had "a few drinks" the night before, and asserted that he is "very healthy."

"I went out last night and had a few drinks after a very long day, (and) my brain did not quite understand that question," he said.

Later, he admitted that he could "do better" but added, "I am trying to do my best — like most people when they hit 30," according to the story.

He also said: “Working in the food business is quite hard when someone is constantly asking you to try things.”

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