Conservative Group Abandons Boycott of JC Penney — But It’s Protesting a Popular Liquid-Plumr Commercial (Watch the Commercial Yourself and Decide)

Mar 9, 2012  •  Post A Comment

It looks like a win for daytime talk host Ellen DeGeneres. The conservative activist group American Family Association, which called for a boycott of JC Penney over its hiring of DeGeneres as a spokesperson, has decided to abandon the effort, the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker blog reports.

Through its OneMillionMoms.com online project, the group had taken the lead in protesting Penney’s new ad campaign featuring DeGeneres. The organization argued that because DeGeneres is gay, she failed to represent family values, according to the story.

Now, saying that "other issues require her group’s attention," OneMillionMoms director Monica Cole said the group is "moving on," the story reports.

The group’s main focus now appears to be on the ABC drama "GCB," which the organization says is insulting to Christians, the piece adds. The group used its website to celebrate a move by Kraft, which we reported previously, to pull its ads for Philadelphia Cream Cheese from the show — although Kraft said the decision had nothing to do with the show’s content.

The organization is also currently protesting Toys ‘R’ Us over a same-sex wedding cover on an Archie comic book, and is also upset about a Clorox Liquid-Plumr commercial the group finds sexually suggestive, according to its website.

Here’s the Liquid-Plumr commercial:


  1. OMG! This WAS sexually suggestive!
    Very well done too.
    The Liqd Plumr folks obviously struck a raw nerve with this group and inadvertently reminded them that their drain hadn’t been snaked in quite some time.

  2. I find the commercial hilarious. The Million Moms must have wayyyy too much time on their hands.

  3. That made me LOL.

  4. These “OneMillionMoms” are going to find they are a laughing stock if they continue to “protest” anything they find sexually suggestive. They already look powerless, giving up their campaign against Ellen DeGeneres so soon. They are giving a great example in how to self-destruct in a couple of easy lessons.

  5. I might be offended if it wasn’t so damn good.

  6. The commercial is funny AND inappropriate.
    It would be a great SNL skit.
    On prime time TV, it’s just sick and shows the decay of the nation.

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