Video: TV Sports Anchor Disciplined Over Comments About Female Race Driver

Mar 1, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A sports anchor for a major-market TV station has been suspended over remarks he made about a high-profile female race car driver, Yahoo Sports reports.

Ross Shimabuku of San Diego’s Fox 5 News offered some unpleasantries about racer Danica Patrick during the runup to Sunday’s Daytona 500. He responded to complaints by Patrick that she is continuously referred to as “sexy,” offering his own description for Patrick.

He later apologized for his comments.

The station reportedly suspended Shimabuku for a week without pay.

Here’s a video of Shimabuku’s report:


  1. That is ridulous that he was suspended. That was minimal and everything else he said was mostly supportive. She doesn’t want to be sexy, then change the tone of the Go Daddy ads.

  2. The thought police strikes again.

  3. Are you suggesting she “asked for it” by doing Go Daddy commercials?

  4. yes, she absolutely did. what else do you propose those commercials are designed to appeal to if not sexual desire? please be intelligent and not politically correct, PC is getting really old…

  5. You sexist scumbags are worse than me in your misogynistic bullsh*t!!!!

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