What’s the Thinking Behind Fox’s Unusual Strategy for Rollout of New Kiefer Sutherland Show?

Mar 22, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Fox has adopted an unusual strategy for the debut of the Kiefer Sutherland drama "Touch" in an effort to fight online piracy while also attracting large multinational advertisers, The New York Times reports.

The network will roll out the show simultaneously across 100 countries and territories, the story reports, instead of the typical pattern of opening first in the U.S. That means American viewers will be able to react to the show in real time with viewers in other countries, the story points out.

Unilever is sponsoring the series around the world, the piece adds.

Creator Tim Kring notes that the decision is a stark shift from his earlier show "Heroes," when he watched hundreds of fans line up for an event in Paris even though the program hadn’t officially debuted on TV in France, the story says.

"Every single person there had seen every episode. They had all gotten it illegally off the Internet,” Kring said. He had a revelation: “Audiences will find these shows no matter where they are.”

In the U.S., “Touch” premieres tonight on the Fox Network.

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