We May Be Seeing More of Ted Nugent — as Part of Plea Agreement

Apr 24, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Ted Nugent isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, even after the Secret Service leaned on him following an angry rant by Nugent against the Obama administration at a recent NRA event. In fact, the outspoken rocker has just agreed to make a public-service announcement — effectively expanding his TV profile.

In a case that’s unrelated to the Obama tirade, Nugent — an avid hunter — pleaded guilty to an illegal bear kill in Alaska, the Anchorage Daily News reports. As part of the plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Nugent will make a PSA for responsible hunting that will air during his Outdoor Channel show "Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild," the story reports.

The plea stems from an incident in 2009. The story reports: “Nugent, 63, launched an arrow at a black bear while on a bow-hunting trip with friends in Tongass National Forest in May 2009. Federal prosecutors say he wounded the bear, attracted to the hunters by a bait station. Nugent’s lawyer says the arrow grazed the animal and it scampered off alive.

“Whether injured or merely scratched, the bear got away. Nugent shot and killed another bear four days later. Then he put the scenes on TV.”

Nugent has admitted that the second bear was shot illegally, as he exceeded his bag limit after wounding the first bear. Prosecutors also said he then illegally transported the second bear off federal property.

The plea agreement will be entered in court next week. It includes a $10,000 fine for Nugent, along with the creation of a 30-second to 60-second PSA to run every other week on his show.

As part of the plea, Nugent will be banned from hunting or fishing anywhere in Alaska and on any U.S. Forest Service land across the U.S. for one year, the story says.

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  1. Some people preach to hard and never follow their own rules. After this and the incident about O’Bama I am rethinking how I feel about ole Ted. Time to sell the albums!

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