Fox News Pulls Anti-Obama Video, Denies It Was Authorized by Top Execs

May 31, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Fox News has pulled an anti-Obama video from FoxNews.com and Fox Nation, after the four-minute video aired on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning, reports TVNewser.com.

The report drew "withering criticism," with the video appearing as a campaign attack ad — except that it was produced and paid for by a cable news network instead of a candidate or political action committee, reports The New York Times’ Media Decoder.

The video includes sound bites, graphics and news clips set to ominous music, and drew congratulations from "Fox & Friends" hosts, who lauded Chris White, the associate producer who put together the video, according to TVNewser.com.

White might not remain with Fox News much longer — although it’s not because of the video, the story adds. He has an offer from CNN, the piece notes.

The video "was not authorized at the senior executive level of the network,” executive vice president of programming Bill Shine said. He added the incident “has been addressed with the show’s producers.”

Here’s the video …


  1. I don’t blame Obama for criticizing this ad. The truth hurts his re-election chances. His new “unofficial” campaign slogan for this year, LIE AND DENY.

  2. I’m a Fox News fan but that is, in my opinion, a blatant editorial piece and not a legitimate news story. This video just fuels the claim that Fox News isn’t “fair & balanced” but a mouthpiece for the right. This video follows none of the journalistic practices of balanced reporting–it only sets out to propagate that Obama failed at what he spoke about and set out to do. It plays on hot buttons and emotions. Yes, good “political ad” but far from a well-produced news story. I’m disappointed and expected better Fox News.

  3. I’m appalled at the state of most “news” programming today. In my opinion, rather than reporting who/what/when/where/why without bias, most news has become partisan and tabloid in nature. Sex scandals, fear-mongering, celebrities fill most broadcasts – and it’s worse on the 24-hour news networks.
    Where is the coverage of the European debt crisis that threatens to put us in recession or worse? For that matter, where is any world news on a typical news broadcast?
    It’s disgusting – no wonder we have such a poorly informed and disengaged electorate.

  4. Lisa,
    It has been this way for a long time. Don’t watch any of these “news” shows. The claim is that they cover what their audience wants to hear.
    But just look at “skeptical observer”‘s comment above you. He says that Obama criticized this ad. But, if you read the link to this story, there was no mention of any comment by Obama.
    So that damage is already done. We have a populace that is not discerning and the corporations that create this “news” continue to report only propaganda.

  5. Mr Skepital says the new slogan is “Lie & Deny”. Yet another thing carried over from W.
    For Mr Miller, I am glad that you are noticing the slanted political ads draped as a news pieces. Trust me, they are only getting started. There will be many more “Oops, I apologize.” moments to come.
    Lisa, you and Ramuno have it right.

  6. Aren’t paybacks tough? My new bumper sticker is no hype and blame instead of hope and change. Lie and deny is good too.

  7. That belonged on O’Reilly. It was pure editorial. I know it has helped their ratings, but FOX needs to be careful that the whole network doesn’t become editorial. Being Republican may be popular right now, but there will be a shift, like their was in 2007 and 2008. Then their ratings will go down and they will become CNN.

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