Kathie Lee Gifford Apologizes for Faux Pas Over Martin Short’s Dead Wife

May 31, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Kathie Lee Gifford apologized for a faux pas on Wednesday’s "Today” show, when she asked guest Martin Short about his wife, Nancy, without realizing that she died two years ago after fighting cancer, reports the New York Post.

Gifford lauded their marriage, saying, "“He and Nancy have got one of the greatest marriages in show business," and asking, "How many years now for you guys?"

"We … married 36 years,” Short said, apparently both startled and embarrassed for Gifford, the story says.

“But you’re still, like, in love,” she said.

“Madly in love. Madly in love,” Short replied.

Gifford asked why, to which Short replied, “Cute. I’m cute.” Gifford then asked if they still make each other laugh, to which Short replied, "Yes."

Short told her off-air that his wife was dead.

“I feel so badly,” Gifford said. “So my apologies to him and his family for not realizing that. He’s one of the greatest guys ever.”

Here’s a brief clip of the interview:


  1. Gifford is a HACK and complete BUFFOON! Martin Short, on the other hand, is a CLASS ACT. He could have completely humiliated her on air (which she deserved) but he elected to take the higher ground and let her know of her major gaff off-air. No doubt, heads have rolled behind the scenes at The Today Show with the “dressing down” and probably firing of production staff. Ultimately, it’s her responsibility to know what the hell she is talking about!

  2. I’ll bet nobody it the control room realized his wife was dead either. They probably weren’t even paying attention, while Gifford went on and on, making them all look more and more idiotic.

  3. I love Kathy-Lee and that suck up HO-da. HO-da is busy kissing Kathy-Lee’s botox injected arse by agreeing with everything as Kathy-lee digs herself a hole. LOL!
    Why are these mistakes so final in television? Who should be fired? Is it not Kathy Lee’s job to know her interview subject? No one listens in our society anymore and certainly not Kathy Lee Gifford whose expiration date is rapidly approaching…(on air)

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