Friends of Elizabeth Taylor Upset at Lindsay Lohan Casting — So Who Else Was on the Producer’s List?

May 17, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Friends of the late movie icon Elizabeth Taylor are upset that troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan has been cast to play her in a Lifetime television film, reports The New York Times, citing producer Larry A. Thompson.

The casting of Lohan in Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick” was announced last month. Since then, Thompson said, he has been receiving emails about the casting, with the themes being "I’m an idiot" or "How dare you?," according to the story. The article doesn’t identify which friends have contacted him.

Thompson, who said he believes he met Taylor twice for various business dealings, says he tried to get a number of actresses to play the part, including Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde, Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Connelly, but none of them worked out, the story says.

Another theme of the emails, which Thompson says have been coming from people who claim to have known Taylor and from the general public, is “Why are you rewarding Lindsay Lohan?”

“His answer is simple: ‘I am a producer.’ It is a way of saying that Mr. Thompson knows when a whole lot of attention is worth a little risk, and that in a cluttered media world, attention may be the most valuable commodity of all,” the report notes.

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  1. Well — this is one sure way to have a project killed or have really LOW ratings – don’t be in shock, Thompson, when no one shows up to watch your train wreck of a movie with LL.

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