Dish Banishes AMC to Channel 9609 in Retaliation for Negative Ads

Jun 5, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Dish Network has banished AMC to channel 9609, the realm of informercials and low-quality programming, in retaliation for the "Mad Men" cable network airing negative ads about Dish, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

AMC aired commercials during Sunday’s episode of "Mad Men" that warned Dish subscribers they would lose programming by the end of the month. AMC and Dish are in carriage negotiations.

Early Monday morning, Dish moved AMC from channel 130 into its new position in the 9000s. AMC’s sibling networks IFC and We TV were also moved into the 9000s, the story adds.

“We regret that AMC decided to involve viewers in that particular way,” said Dish spokesman Bob Toevs, speaking of AMC’s commercials.

While Dish has said it plans to drop AMC at the end of June rather than pay higher fees, the two sides have continued to negotiate, the story says, citing the Dish spokesman.


  1. And yet another reason why I cut the cable and hooked a computer to my TV instead.

  2. What AMC is doing is akin to suddenly raising the iTunes price of Mad Men episodes to $20 each.

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