Glenn Beck Signs New Deal Worth $100 Million

Jun 11, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Conservative media personality Glenn Beck has signed a radio deal with Premiere Networks that’s worth $100 million over five years, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The deal is worth about double the previous five-year pact he signed in 2007, the story says. That deal was signed when he also had a major TV outlet for his views, on Fox News.

The syndicated "Glenn Beck Program" regularly pulls 10 million listeners a week, and is behind only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity’s radio programs in audience, the story notes.

The deal comes a year after Beck left Fox News. He continues to grow his subscription-based Web-only network GBTV.


  1. Nobody is worth $20 Million/year.

  2. That’s not even close to what some executives, sports figures, movie stars, etc. are being paid. Everything and everybody is worth what someone will pay for them. Obviously Glenn’s show generates enough revenue from advertisers and other things to justify his salary. What most overwhelming don’t deserve is the retirement packages and “Golden Parachutes” they get when they retire or get fired – especially when they leave their respective organizations worse off than when they started there. Congress and Presidents in particular (presidents can be US and Corporate)

  3. There are quite a large number of ignorant people who believe this snake-oil salesman. There are also a large number of very wealthy businessmen who will pay to perpetuate his large body of lies. It is in their benefit to maintain the division of the masses. It is working very well, hence the tea party.

  4. Oh do shut up, Tim. “division of the masses” – Right, like we are all supposed to fall in line with the liberal/communist agenda and not say a word. What a putz, go lick your masters hand.

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