One Form of Entertainment Is Rapidly Losing Ground Among Americans — and It’s Not TV

Jun 14, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Television remains the most used form of entertainment for Americans, while another form of entertainment is rapidly losing ground among consumers, reports Deadline.com, citing a report from public relations firm Edelman.

The segment that’s quickly falling is movie going.

About 45% of Americans frequently turn to television for entertainment, while only 3% of U.S. consumers say they turn to movies as a frequent source of entertainment. That’s down from 28% in the survey only two years ago, the story points out.

"It confirms some of what we’ve been seeing with declining movie attendance, which had a 16-year low in 2011,” said Gail Becker, Edelman’s chair for the Western Region, Canada and Latin America.

Social media is quickly punishing poor entertainment products. The story reports: "That reality puts a greater premium than ever on creating really good content, because the bad stuff won’t survive long, said members of a panel discussing the survey results."

Internet use came in with a result of 34% in the U.S. in the survey, the report adds.


  1. Blame it on the crazy prices of popcorn drinks and snacks. This is highway robbery. You can’t bring your own and a small popcorn and a bottle of water will set you back about $10. As much or more than the movie cost. I know we all have to make a buck but there prices are reaping 300% or more in profit. There own greed is costing them in the long run. Movies are released much faster to video and you can enjoy at home on your own bigscreen. Not quite as nice as the bigscreen but much more affordable!

  2. Agreed. The price of concessions is way to high. My family of (3) goes very frequently to the movies, probably, 2 to 3 times a month. Tickets can run $20 to $30 depending if it is 3D or not and then concessions can run another $20+ on top of that.
    The other reason that I would suggest for the decline in movie goers is that the release window from the theatre to DVD/Blu-Ray or VOD continues to become smaller it seems. In some cases, I have watched movies on my Apple TV before the movie is even available in the theatre. Granted, these were not high profile releases.
    Look at “Prometheus” for example. It was announced for release on DVD/Blu-Ray even before it was released in the US theaters.
    I believe there may be a mindset in movie goers that basically thinks that if they miss a movie in the theaters it will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray within a couple of months anyway and that is something many people can live with.

  3. Agreed! The prices are just crazy these days! I used to go to the movies once or twice a week, but now I’m lucky if I go twice a year. I’d rather wait until they are released to video or even pay $5 for PPV.

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