Report: CNN Chief’s Job in Jeopardy, Former NBC Boss Zucker a Possible Replacement

Jun 8, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Time Warner is reportedly putting together a list of potential executives to take over CNN Worldwide with the goal of ending the network’s ratings plunge, according to the New York Post.

Because of the ratings slide, Time Warner executives are considering replacing Jim Walton, who now runs CNN Worldwide, the piece adds.

One of the names floated internally is that of Jeff Zucker, the former NBCUniversal executive. Zucker didn’t return a call for comment, the story says.

The network has seen some of its lowest ratings in 20 years, putting it lower than Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network and the Bio Channel, the story notes.

Still, no changes are imminent, the story points out.


  1. Time Warner believes that Jeff Zucker is a potential solution to the train wreck that is emblazoned with a CNN logo?
    If true, then Time Warner is the problem, NOT the solution.

  2. I was working at CBS News thirty years ago when Ted Turner’s upstart hit the scene and rocked the granite at Black Rock, and shook Rockefeller Center.
    CNN’s whole trip was N E W S NOW!
    They’ve gotten very full of themselves and have politicized (one way or the other) with pundits spewing forth their superfluous leanings day and night.
    The CNN tiller needs to be spun to bring her back around into the wind, and report NEWS.
    What a concept for a entity named Cable News Network.
    Real news anchors who don’t think they’re clever and cute would be a positive turn about as well.
    This isn’t brain surgery, it’s news…”and that’s the way it is”… .
    Peter Bright

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