Roseanne Barr Wants Her Own Fox News Show — and Says Politics May Have Killed Her Latest Sitcom

Jun 7, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Actress Roseanne Barr, known for her blue-collar roles and currently seeking the Green Party presidential nomination, tells the New York Observer that she wants her own Fox News show.

“They’ve always been so fair and nice to me at Fox,” Barr said. "I told Fox I’d sure like to have a show on there, because the people who watch Fox News are people like me also. So it would be good to be really fair and balanced and have a nice left point of view on there.”

Barr said at one point Fox News was considering giving her a show. "Offers have been made and I just didn’t get on with it because I was trying to just do that sitcom,” Barr said. “It could happen. Stranger things have happened. It could happen, definitely.”

Barr has been working on the trailer park sitcom “Downwardly Mobile,” but NBC recently announced it was not going forward with the project, as previously reported. Barr suggests in her interview with the Observer that the show was killed because of her politics, but adds that it may still be in the running as a midseason replacement.

The story reports: “To hear her tell it, ‘Downwardly Mobile’ tested well in California, but days before it was scheduled to be shown to audiences in New York, the conservative entertainment website Big Hollywood published an article based on leaked reports the show was testing poorly due to Ms. Barr being a ‘leftist.’ Ms. Barr complained to NBC about the reported leak.”

Said Barr: “I got really mad and I said, ‘Why would you release that information?’ And I was told, ‘We didn’t, that’s just a fake website.’ Well, it turned out to be completely true.”

The report adds: “Once the show tested with audiences in New York, Ms. Barr says she was told it wouldn’t be picked up because network executives deemed it too ‘polarizing.’”

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