This May Be One of the Signs of the Apocalypse: New Reality Show Gathers Up Families Who Think the World Is Ending — With the Grand Prize Being Just What They Will Need When It Does

Jun 6, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A doomsday-themed reality show is in the works that will showcase families who are convinced the world is about to end — with the reward for the winning family being a state-of-the-art underground bunker, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Last Family on Earth" has been picked up by Viacom’s Spike TV — known for series such as “Ink Master” and “1,000 Ways to Die.” Contestants on the show are among the 15% of the world who are said to believe that the world will be ending, perhaps as early as Dec. 21 when some say the Mayan calendar predicts the apocalypse.

The program, set to debut in fall, will have families competing to win a Vivos bunker that is supposed to be secure enough to survive any end-of-the-world disaster. The series will include six hour-long episodes, with the finale to air sometime before Dec. 21, just in case.

The families will be tested for their endurance and physical skills, as well as their leadership abilities, integrity and character. Three survivalist-experts will act as the judges, with viewer input from social media to be incorporated into the show. Based on that combination, each week a family will be kicked off the show.

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