NBC Blasts Report That It’s Ready to Dump ‘Meet the Press’ Host — and Takes a Shot at CBS Too

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NBC is lashing out at a report that says the network is considering dumping the host of its Sunday morning newsmakers show “Meet the Press,” the New York Daily News reports.

The report Monday by the iPad news service The Daily says host David Gregory’s job is in jeopardy because the show — which has been the perennial ratings leader in its segment — has been losing to CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Meet the Press” reportedly fell short of the numbers for the CBS show almost half the time during the past year.

“The story quotes an insider saying ‘the show’s in trouble, and nobody likes Gregory. He has no friends in the division. The only reason he’s still there is they don’t have an obvious replacement,’” the New York Daily News reports.

The Daily News adds: “A quote from another insider references the late Tim Russert, whom Gregory succeeded as ‘Meet the Press’ host in 2008. ‘That sound you hear is Tim Russert spinning in his grave. The commanding lead he built over so many years has been squandered.’”

NBC News issued a statement Tuesday in response to the report, saying, “The rumors recklessly reported by The Daily are categorically untrue.”

NBC News took the opportunity to also take a shot at CBS and “Face the Nation,” saying: “CBS is engaged in ratings gimmickry.”

NBC said “Face the Nation” has been “booking, producing and promoting a one-hour broadcast for several months now, but they continue to only report ratings data for the first half hour.”

The Daily News notes: “The second half-hour of ‘Face the Nation’ is broadcast right after the first on only 65% of CBS affiliates, and therefore isn’t rated.”

CBS News responded with a statement of its own, saying: “Bob [Schieffer] is the dean of Sunday show hosts, and we’re very pleased that his insightful approach is resonating with so many viewers and newsmakers.”

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  1. It’s clear that the den of vipers at NBC is now turning against itself. This is what happens when an organization that is supposed to be dedicated to truth instead relies on lies and deceit. There is no honor in what they do, or how they treat their public, their competitors or themselves.
    If you doubt this is possible, you need to familiarize yourself with how NBC News edited the George Zimmerman 9-1-1 call and how Andrea Mitchell recently purposely misrepresented a Mitt Romney soundbite in order to give the appearance that he was too rich to be in touch with ordinary Americans (and then when called on the selective editing, showed the entire unedited clip without comment or apology). These are hallmarks of an organization that is corrupt to the core.
    For someone who has stopped sipping the mainstream media Kool-Aid more than a decade ago, this should provide hours of amusement.

  2. I’ve quit watching MTP since soon after David Gregory took over. He doesn’t quite hide his right-leaning ideals. He always is harsher in questioning the Democratic guests, while lobbing softballs to the Repubs.
    I thought (and still do think) that they should have had Chuck Todd take over for Tim Russert. He’s fair and very knowledgeable. See ya Davey!

  3. I don’t watch NBC News at all anymore – NY local and national. I don’t understand how they can call it a news division.

  4. Hopefully, they are grooming Luke Russert for the long term. He has his Dad’s genes and someday, with further knowledge and education, will be the heir apparant.

  5. The comment about Luke Russert is just stupid. Almost as soon as his father’s sudden passing, NBC wanted him to immediately fill the void, but he was barely out of college and still green and awkward. A journalist has to earn his place on shows like this, and Luke would need to get a LOT more experience to meet that standard. The show is called Meet the Press, not Russert & Friends. I don’t watch MTP myself for it’s tendency towards left-leaning interviews. I never saw Gregory as right-leaning, but then I don’t have the patience to watch much NBC. If anyone takes over, it should be Chuck Todd. He comes across more fair than others. But NBC is floundering. They don’t know what they’re doing. First Ann Curry….

  6. I served with NBC News for some 10 years in the 1980s. What was once a balanced, professional and great news gathering organization has plunged into a liberal sinkhole with no real journalists there anymore. I blame the unraveling of NBC News with the network’s acquisition by GE in the 1980s and its been a downward slide ever since. I am ashamed for NBC News and its so-called journos such as Mr Andrea Mitchell….the worst of all of the worst there.

  7. And why dows this surprise anyone???????????

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