Moves and Countermoves in CBS-ABC Reality War — ABC Apparently Has Sights Set on New CBS Show

Jul 5, 2012  •  Post A Comment

The reality show tussle between CBS and ABC appears to be shifting from the legal dispute over “Big Brother” and “The Glass House,” as previously reported, to a new front, with ABC targeting a series CBS is trying to launch.

ABC this week unveiled plans to move "The Bachelorette" finale and "After the Rose" live broadcast from its usual Monday night spot to Sunday, July 22, where it would have gone head-to-head with the premiere of CBS’s new dating show "3." The Washington Post reports that CBS apparently took the threat seriously, moving the “3” premiere to a week later — to Sunday, July 29.

"3" is based on a successful Israeli television format. CBS tinkered with the Israeli version, making it more like "The Bachelorette," with three ladies dating the same three eligible men.

The story reports that CBS’s upcoming show looked promising enough to prompt ABC to take action. “This thing had monster hit written all over it,” the story says. “Until ABC began scheming to assassinate it.”

The report notes: “Two months after CBS announced its ‘3’ pick-up, ABC announced it had picked up a ‘Big Brother’-esque ‘The Glass House,’ in which 14 narcissists shack up in a totally wired house, their every move controlled by viewers, while competing to win a quarter of a million dollars.

“CBS cried foul and sued ABC, claiming the show is in violation of its ‘Big Brother’ copyright. In its suit, CBS noted ‘The Glass House’ employs many former ‘Big Brothers’ staffers who, CBS claimed, had disclosed trade secrets and violated the non-disclosure agreement they had signed while working on ‘BB.’”

CBS was unsuccessful in a legal challenge seeking a restraining order to prevent ABC from airing “Glass House.” CBS seemed to take it in stride, issuing a joke press release about a new show, “Dancing on the Stars,” as previously reported.

“Glass House,” meanwhile, has been airing to less than stellar ratings on ABC. CBS is clearly trying to ensure it fares better with “3.”

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