Report: Adam Lambert Being Talked About at Fox as Next Judge on ‘American Idol’

Jul 9, 2012  •  Post A Comment

The powers that be at "American Idol" "have been talking about Adam [Lambert] for over a month" as someone who could be the next judge on "American Idol," reports E! online,

E! reports that this information comes from an unnamed source, who adds that Lambert "personifies the show, and will be a popular choice right from the start. He knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the judges’ comments, he has a human touch, and they know they can’t go wrong if they bring him on. He would be able to bring a unique perspective to the show. People love him."

The story also notes, "As E! News first told you, Jennifer Lopez has no plans to return for a third time at the judges’ table. As for Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, a source tells us that they are not necessarily going to be back either. ‘Randy is great, but he’s part of the old Idol,’ the source said. ‘They want to keep the soul of the show but have a new look, and for that reason he may well not be part of the new lineup.’ A Tyler source confirms the Aerosmith frontman isn’t sure of his future. ‘All up in the air,’ the source said. ‘We shall see.’"

The E! story adds that "Fox will, multiple sources confirm, try to change Lopez’s mind. ‘I don’t know if they can afford Jennifer, but they have let it be known that she has a guaranteed spot if she wants it,’ one of the sources said. ‘She appeals to everyone so the big bosses are in favor of keeping her on.’"


  1. Seriously???? Shouldn’t you have to be a successful performer with a career to be a judge on this show? The guy has released two albums and toured a couple of times. Three years of professional experience and he is now an expert in the field? Maybe they should get William Hung to be a judge as well.

  2. That would definitely end my AI viewing.

  3. OK, so you have a queer who’s not successful, in the mainstream audience. Then you have the same guy beating up his qweer lover over seas. Then you have this guy that pretends to do BJ’s on abc, and potentially on CBS… but didn’t.
    This is a total mistake in every single way. We have better qweers to be the “minority” on Idol. I say get Neil Patrick Harris, who’s done more for entertainment as a gay man (note the difference from qweer).
    Apparently, FOX is looking for a mistake, to become the victim, just like Adam Lambert was attempting to be after ABC’s “oral sex” debacle. That’s a ticking time bomb, that will go off at any time now.
    Stop looking at him to be a host. It’s so wrong.

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