Video: Mitt Romney Won’t Do ‘Letterman,’ So Letterman Gets a Celebrity Surrogate to Fill In for Him

Oct 3, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Here’s a clip from last night’s episode of CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman” in which the host, frustrated that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney won’t appear on the show, instead interviews a celebrity stand-in — who hits it out of the park in his brief walk-on:


  1. Why would Romney appear on a show with a host who actively hates him and all but has his desk covered with Obama bumper stickers?

  2. Late Night hosts make fun of everyone. All politicians and office holders are fair game. Bill, you must not have seen much Letterman before.

  3. I’m with Bill. Letterman is a well-known supporter of Obama. It’s easy to love Letter,an if you also hate Republicans.

  4. No, Letterman isn’t like South Park where sacred cows on both sides are gored; instead Letterman questions for Romney would involve why he “hates” the poor, where questions for Obama would be of the nature “Big Mac or Whopper?”
    TV Week seems to enjoy this, but can you imagine the furor were a right-leaning comedian to have a surrogate on playing Obama?

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