You Are NOT Going to Believe What Lindsay Lohan Has Done Now … Wait, Wait, We Can’t Tell You — Her Publicist Has Quit!

Oct 26, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Hard to believe, but after serving the troubled starlet for about two years, "In a burst of near speechlessness, Lindsay Lohan’s long-suffering publicist has quit," reports the New York Daily News.

" ‘It was last night,’ ex-mouthpiece Steve Honig told the Daily News Thursday. ‘I really feel very firmly that it’s private and I don’t want to say anything.’ "

Of course not. TMZ reports that Honig finally had had it with Lohan’s dad, Michael. But Honig told TMZ, "Michael wishes he were that important."

Writes E! about this latest Lohan story, "Under Honig’s watch, the star passed out in a hotel room, landed in the hospital after a frightening car crash, allegedly trashed her trailer, got tangled up in a jewelry heist, was reportedly banned from a hotel for unpaid bills, got arrested for an alleged hit-and-run, was embroiled in a 911-worthy spat with mom Dina Lohan, unleashed a war of words with pop Michael Lohan and, most recently, was faced with a failed intervention attempt by Michael, supposedly with the support of her handlers.

"Good luck to LiLo’s next flack."


  1. Wait! Why quit now? That’s got to be one of the most secure jobs in the world. PR for LiLo? It just never ends…

  2. Walter Winchell reports in the NY Daily Mirror that Lilo now wants to place her assets firmly in the hands of cableTV star Ugly George-and hopes for the best…

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