Has NBC Pulled Another ‘Ann Curry’? Fans Are Upset at ‘Weekend Today’ Host Switch

Nov 5, 2012  •  Post A Comment

NBC has angered some viewers with another change in hosts, although this time fans are upset at the network’s decision to bump Jenna Wolfe, the Sunday co-host of "Weekend Today," reports The New York Times’ Media Decoder.

As previously reported, NBC hired former CBS and CNN anchor Erica Hill, who will co-host the Saturday and Sunday program "Weekend Today" with Lester Holt. Wolfe is shifting to news anchor on Saturdays and Sundays.

After the hosting change was announced, "Today’s” Facebook page was targeted by hundreds of fans who said they were upset at NBC’s decision to bump Wolfe. The comments were reminiscent of Ann Curry’s exit from "Today" in June, when many viewers voiced displeasure at the network’s decision to push her from the co-host role.

Fans also took to Twitter to protest Wolfe’s treatment, with Ann Curry’s name becoming a verb as some people wrote that Wolfe had been "Curried."

“Why does the ‘Today’ show keep messing around with their anchors. Isn’t viewer loyalty worth anything?” one viewer wrote, according to the story.

NBC said the changes would improve the overall show. Wolfe, speaking via an NBC representative, said she’s still "very much a ‘Today’ show anchor” and added that the "Today" "family got stronger this weekend with the addition of Erica to our team," according to the report.


  1. Sorry. Not the same. Jenna Wolfe is and always has been aon on-air train-wreck. Yes, she only has a mild form of Tourette’s, but anyone who watches knows that she’s erratic. I welcome the news that’s she’s gone. Anyone will be better. Not so true with Ann Curry, though.

  2. I’m with you on the “Ann Curry level” thing (weekdays will always trump weekends when it comes to headlines and hosts), Dave, but have to disagree about losing Jenna. I’ve been watching her since she was the sports anchor here in Rochester, NY. She rose to Philly then NYC then NBC. Breath of fresh air and vitality.

  3. I will not be watching the Today show-I feel very bad about what was done to Ann and Jenna. How can the show just let people go like they did. The anchors have become like family to us…this is very upsetting.

  4. I agree. And why is it always the women who are dumped? I won’t be watching NBC any more – there are better choices.

  5. Jenna pouted her first weekend “off”, but she’s trying to be a good sport. NBC lost a great host(ess) w/Ann Curry; I miss her! Matt isn’t “user friendly” as he was years ago…too arrogant (too bad). And they all talk over each other, doesn’t matter weekday or weekend, viewers can’t understand what they are saying…I switch to other channels when that happens, but alas, all the hosts are so anxious to be important/heard that everyone talks over everyone else. NBC-BRING BACK ANN!!!! Tell Jenna not to pout and Matt not to primp!

  6. Hi-I never liked Jenna as a co-host. Too Loud, Obnoxious and Over the Top.
    She must have some incriminating photos of the NBC bosses to keep her job.
    She is in great shape and should just do Fitness features.
    Glad to see Dylan Dryer aboard! I enjoyed her in Boston.
    Yours,I LIKE ERICA!

  7. Who is running NBC? Dump Jenna for Erika Hill? Her best is “comfort food” and she looks it too! At least Jenna was a workout woman but not Erika. She needs to stay at home and be a “mom”. Erika is too pushy and I believe Lester will bumped next by her. I would like to see Jenna take Erika to the gym for a severe workout. Erika wouldn’t make it. And Savannah is “too tall” for everyone including Matt. The decision maker at NBC is making all the wrong decisions. Maybe that person needs to go too!

  8. Umm…are you sure it’s Weekend Today you’ve been watching? You speak about Erica Hill like she has the physique of Louie Anderson; she’s a gorgeous, slim woman. She also has class and grace, unlike Ms. Wolfe, who has all the warmth and charisma of an angry truck driver. And who the eff cares about Jenna and her workouts? This is a news program, not a triathalon. If Jenna wants to constantly demonstrate working out, she should work for Jackie Warner, not NBC. I’m sick of her making every single story all about her. Now all we’re going to hear about is her finally outing herself–worst-kept secret, by the way, and who cares besides? I can’t wait until this abrasive, boring, egotistical waste of space is on maternity leave, so I can actually watch a real reporter do the news again.

  9. I had heard Jenna Wolfe was leaving Weekend Today to spend more time with her family (saw this on Feb 9). I was appalled to find her back again this past weekend. She is so loud, obnoxious and pushy- she really needs to leave the show

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