Nat Geo Under Pressure to Add Gay Disclaimer to Show

Jan 18, 2013  •  Post A Comment

The Nat Geo channel is being lobbied to add a disclaimer to an upcoming series, reports the New York Post. A former Boy Scout wants Nat Geo to indicate as part of the show "Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?" that the Boy Scouts of America’s policy toward gays is discriminatory, the story reports.

Will Oliver, an Eagle Scout, has started a petition on Change.org that urges Nat Geo to "denounce the Boy Scouts of America’s anti-gay policy” with a disclaimer. The show is set to debut in the spring.

The petition has drawn more than 3,000 signatures.

Oliver, 20, a student at Northwestern University, came out of the closet after he left the scouting organization, the story says.

“The thing that gets me is the image of [Nat Geo’s] show and branding being all about how Boy Scouts are tough,” Oliver said. “I’ve done some pretty gritty things. … I’m gay and I’m an Eagle Scout and I did it. I want it to be clear that being tough and being a Boy Scout does not exclude gay people.”

Nat Geo responded by saying it doesn’t discriminate.

"As it relates to our upcoming show with the Boy Scouts, we certainly appreciate all points of view on the topic, but when people see our show they will realize it has nothing to do with this debate — and is, in fact, a competition series between individual Scouts and civilians," the network said.

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  1. Although I feel that the headline to this article is misleading, this “grown ass man” who is speaking out needs to get a grip in my opinion.
    Coming from a gay man in his 40’s, is educated about life and himself and who too experienced bullying, etc., “Get the f*** over it already!”
    Please, do not watch the show if you (he who is stated in the article) have experienced “homo-phobia” from the cult that IS the “Boy Scouts of America,” then start your own organization for gay youth and try to make a difference that way. Then pitch your idea for a television show exploiting this like the antiquated Boy Scout program is doing!
    There IS a solution after all.

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