Video: Woman Who Has Been Eviscerated Over the Years by Lance Armstrong for Telling the Truth About His Doping Is Hurt and Mad as Hell That Armstrong Did Not Come Clean About Her Accusations in His Interview With Oprah

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At least one person is hurt and mad as hell about what Lance Armstrong refused to tell Oprah Winfrey during Winfrey’s interview with Armstrong on Thursday night, Jan. 17, 2013.

Betsy Andreu is the wife of Frankie Andreu, who used to be a cycling teammate of Armstrong’s. The Andreus say that they were present in 1996 when Armstrong told doctors at Indiana University Hospital, who were going to treat his testicular cancer, that he had taken a number of performance-enhancing drugs that were banned by the federation that runs cycling.

In a deposition in 2005, Armstrong aggressively testified under oath that Betsy’s story about what and her husband heard Armstrong tell the doctors was not true.

During Thursday’s part 1 of Armstrong’s interview with Oprah, Armstrong said he recently had a 40-minute telephone conversation with Betsy and Frankie.

Oprah then asked Armstrong whether what Betsy says she heard Armstrong tell the doctors was true.

Armstrong answered, "I’m not going to take that one on. I’m laying down on that one."

Oprah: "Was Betsy lying?"

Armstrong (shaking his head from side to side): "I’m just not — I’m gonna put that one down. She asked me and she asked me not to talk about the details of the call. It was a confidential, personal conversation, 40 minutes long. I spoke to Frankie as well."

Later, in a conversation with Anderson Cooper on CNN, Betsy Andreu was hurt and furious that Armstrong hadn’t come clean about the conversation she and her husband have long claimed they heard that day in 1996 at the Indiana University Hospital:   

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  1. Why do all of these people expect something honorable to come from someone who spent their lives doing dishonorable things?

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