Video: Oprah Says Armstrong ‘did not come clean in the manner I expected’ During Her Interview With Him. She Also Says They Had Agreed Not to Leak What Happened in Interview, So She Is Surprised Media Was Able to Confirm That Armstrong Confessed to Doping

Jan 15, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Oprah Winfrey says that in confessing to doping, former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong “did not come clean in the manner I expected.”

Winfrey then added, “We were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers.”

Winfrey, who made her remarks this morning, Jan.15, 2013, on “CBS This Morning,” began her comments by saying that her team and Armstrong’s team had agreed not to leak any information about the interview before its scheduled airing on Thursday, Jan 17, 2013, on OWN. She said she was surprised that the media was able to confirm that Armstrong had confessed to doping during the interview.

Winfrey also said she had prepared for the interview “like it was a college exam — and walked into the room with 112 questions” to ask Armstrong. “And in a 2-1/2-hour interview I asked most of those questions, or at least as many as I could. … I didn’t get all of the questions asked, but I think the most important questions and the answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered. And I can only say I was satisfied by the answers.”

Winfrey’s entire remarks on “CBS This Morning” are in the video below. She announced that because of the length of the interview it will be shown in two parts, on Thursday and Friday nights, Jan. 17 and 18. In the video below, Winfrey also tells how she landed the interview with Armstrong.


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