‘Amazing Race’ Segment Prompts CBS Apology

Mar 25, 2013  •  Post A Comment

CBS and "The Amazing Race" producers have apologized for a segment on the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The segment used a B-52 memorial in Hanoi, Vietnam, as part of the show, the story reports.

"We want to apologize to veterans, particularly those who served in Vietnam, as well as to their families and any viewers who were offended by the broadcast," the statement said.

The episode depicted contestants going around the memorial to find their next clue. The site depicts the wreckage of a downed American B–52 during the Vietnam War, the story says. The Veterans of Foreign Wars and several Fox News anchors and viewers complained.


  1. Note the subtle political slant that makes it look like only “right wingers” were offended:
    “The Veterans of Foreign Wars and several Fox News anchors and viewers complained.”
    That’s not the case at all; people across the political spectrum who served or who had loved ones who served in Vietnam were offended by the sequence.

  2. Not a big fan of the Amazing Race but my wife is and so I watch it. I was somewhat surprised by the lack of any concern or curiosity about the nature of the monument. Did the crew survive or is this a grave site?

  3. You mean those American adults didn’t ask question 1 around a downed plane and CBS didn’t bother to have the host address it??? This isn’t a left-wing/right-wing issue; this is an issue of this country not giving a tinker’s damn about education, as shown by the contestants lack of curiosity and CBS’ lack of provided information. I mean, all involved did KNOW there was a war there, right?? If you don’t want to get “political”, then you Don’t Shoot a Show at a Memorial! What a selfish, sheltered to the point of stupid, apathetic people this country fosters…

  4. from what I’m reading; it’s a grave site..

  5. The only political slant in this article is in your mind. I’m sure many people thought twice about the way that this was shown on TV.

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