Barbara Walters Points Fingers in her Chicken Pox Episode

Mar 5, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Barbara Walters returned to "The View" Monday and pointed fingers about her run-in with chicken pox, which left her in the hospital and forced her to take a six-week medical leave, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 83-year-old said a "well-known actor" gave her the virus, although she declined to name him.

"It all began in January when I was visiting a friend in Miami," Walters said on the show Monday. "She had as another guest a well-known actor who shall remain nameless. I gave him a New Year’s hug and kiss on the cheek. What he didn’t know yet was that he was about to develop a bad case of shingles."

As a result of the chicken pox, Walters fainted at the British ambassador’s residence and fell, leaving her "bloody and unconscious."

Walters said the chicken pox "came and went weeks ago — the head injury has taken longer."



  1. That’s not pointing fingers; it’s shameless “breaking news” type hype! Another example of wringing all the publicity you can from situation. Screams of “please look at me!”

  2. And how is it this nameless actor’s fault that Barbara Walters never got the chicken pox as a child, as old as she is?
    What a publicity whore she is!
    But I’m not surprised, not in the slightest, slightest bit.
    Wouldn’t she have contracted chicken pox from her own child? Or didn’t she have them, either? The vaccine is too new for her daughter to have benefited from it.

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