Looks Like We May Have to Wait Three More Years for the Next James Bond Movie. Three Years??!! Whatever Happened to the Notion ‘Get ’em While They’re Hot’?

Mar 20, 2013  •  Post A Comment

"According to Reuters, a conference call between MGM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Barber and film investors revealed that the screenplay for the 24th James Bond film is in development, and that they were optimistic about having another film ready in three years or so. Three years!?!"

So writes Nick Venable at CinemaBlend.com. He notes that last year’s Bond flick, "Skyfall," was only "the highest-grossing Bond film of all time — and the seventh highest grossing film ever with a $1.1 billion gross."

And while Venable notes that the danger is that the follow-up to "Skyfall" might not measure up — "the underwhelming ‘Quantum of Solace’" followed the excellent "Casino  Royale," he observes — "even a less-than-fantastic Bond film is still a Bond film, especially with Daniel Craig signed on for another two features."

Venable adds, "Don’t [the producers of the Bond series] realize three years from now, Adele will probably be a home-bodied shut-in unable to get past all the Grammy Awards to exit her house, much less make it to the studio to record a theme song? Keep your eyes peeled for more news on directors and casting, which isn’t necessarily for your eyes only, but it can be shared."

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