Report: Matt Lauer’s ‘Today’ Spot ‘Up for Discussion’ as Ratings Dive

Mar 1, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A fixture on NBC’s morning “Today” show, Matt Lauer has been the focus of attention as NBC contemplates how to pump life into the show, and the New York Daily News reports that “replacing Matt Lauer is now seriously on the table.”

The report quotes a former NBC executive saying of “Today”: “They are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. They can shift things around, but it’s not helping. Their short-term solution is looking for new experts to replace some of the familiar faces that have been on the show forever. What they also need to do is hire someone to shake up everything and have the discussion about what to do with Matt.”

Examining the morning ratings for the No. 1-ranked New York market area, the report notes: “’Today,’ which had held the top spot in mornings for the past 16 years, is now behind both ‘Good Morning America’ and Fox 5’s morning show ‘Good Day New York,’ losing to both in the February sweeps. ‘GMA’ pummeled ‘Today’ for the third week in a row, while ‘GDNY’ won the coveted 25-54 age group.”

The source is cited as saying network owner Comcast is “aggressively” searching for a new executive producer for “Today.” The source adds: “They are having a lot of trouble finding anyone until the network makes the one change that needs to be made – replacing Matt Lauer.”

“But another source says the show will not be hiring another EP, but has hired a senior broadcast producer to fill the spot of recently promoted Don Nash,” the report adds. “That new staffer will start in a few months.”

The piece notes: “Morale at ‘Today’ is also at an all-time low, and staffers are fear-stricken over losing their jobs after what happened to departed co-anchor Ann Curry, former executive producer Jim Bell and NBC News president Steve Capus, who resigned in February.”

Adds the source: “On top of everything, Matt took a vacation during sweeps. It doesn’t seem to matter if he’s around or not.”


  1. Whatever happened to the Money911 segment (with several financial experts) that used to air every Wednesday morning on “The “Today Show”?
    That segment hasn’t aired since last summer. It was also the main reason I tuned in to watch “Today”.
    Guess I’ll be watching NBCs morning competition in the future.

  2. Good day new York good ratings thanks to return of Greg Kelly. So glad Dave price left. Bye Matt Lauer lol u fcking as$

  3. I have to agree. Matt has gotten like Katie was her last few years on “Today.” Can you say “Diva?” Mr. Lauer was the face of “Today” but soiled his name (and sheets) after the public knows what he “did” to Anne Curry: Used his power and influence to rid himself of her. Hmmmm, I wonder if he now wishes for her “weakness?”
    And what’s more, ABC and “GMA” were so adroit at the way that they kept track (generated ratings) of Robbin Roberts’ progress.
    I do not know who had a longer second coming: “Jesus Christ” or “Robbin Roberts” return to “GMA?”

  4. No, we are not making fun of Robbin Roberts. She serves as an inspiration but I also feel as though ABC knew how to stroke the public with the real message: “Yes folks. Robbin is doing fine and please keep tuning in to ‘Good-Morning America.”
    They could have Sarah Palin host: “Good-Morning Alaska.”

  5. The kind of human touch that is missing on “Today….”

  6. Well its NBC they are done in all sectors!! need to hang up their hat!! and turn off the lights alreay must be nice to have all that money to throw away!!

  7. Savannah Guthrie doesn’t have it. She needs to go along with that backstabber Lauer. Then get rid of Roker who can’t stop promoting anything where he can make a buck. He sounds like a morning radio DJ. This is where they should be making changes, not the Tonight show.

  8. As long as it took for the ratings to decline over the years it will be the same for Today to return to supremacy if they ever get back what they lost on Today. It’s the same, boring, non-ethnic talking heads that make the show simply bland every day. That was OK and safe when ABC was musical chairs as hosts and CBS…well no one has a clue as to what CBS does in the morning as that show is probably ranked behind The Daily Buzz.
    Making changes now is quite too late. The show continues to use the Donny Deustch’s of the world, same with Nancy Snyderman but at least she has the jewels to say things that make it seem as if everyone on-air is kissing tail. But replacing Lauer is not the only issue. Replace some people behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. NBC’s lack of diversity is coming to fruition even though Comcast has a great record in that area. It’s just going to take a lot more time to rid themselves of the same ole same ole at this network and this show.

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