British Channel Spikes Film About Bombing Attack on London Marathon

Apr 16, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A U.K. broadcaster announced today that it is taking a movie off its schedule in the aftermath of Monday’s bombing attack at the Boston Marathon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Channel 4 pulled “Four Lions,” a farce about a bomb plot focused on the London Marathon.

Said a spokesman for Channel 4: "In light of recent tragic events, Film4 has decided not to proceed with the planned broadcast of Four Lions, which was scheduled for Monday.”

THR adds: “The satire from 2010, directed by Christopher Morris and produced by Film4 Productions and others, is about four disillusioned young Muslim British men who train to become suicide bombers and detonate explosives during the London Marathon.”

Benedict Cumberbatch of “Sherlock” appears as a negotiator in the film, the report notes.


  1. That’s right… never offend anyone, unless it’s on “Come Dine with Me.” Someone burnt a roast or told a bad joke at dinner, in real life… do they cancel that show? Let’s get real! Boston, London… 2 separate cities.
    BTW, I see allot of (North American) people confusing “Channel 4” with what they think is BBC FOUR. They are totally different networks. BBC FOUR doesn’t have commercials. Channel 4 does.
    This article is NOT about the government run network “BBC FOUR”. That would make sense. But the private company/industry network “Channel 4” seems to make little sense, from the socialistic values point. Unless “Channel 4” thinks spots won’t sell.

  2. This is not an issue of offensive, but good manners and being gracious. Yes, it shouldn’t be pulled forever, but pulling it for a week or so just shows good judgment and a bit of class. It is wrong to throw something so similar up immediately after the incident and Channel 4 did the right thing. And when they do reschedule it, I recommend it. It is a good movie.

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