Study: Education Level Corresponds With the Amount of Morning TV That Viewers Watch

Apr 3, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A new study from Nielsen found that in homes where the head of household had at least four years of college, families watched less morning TV than in homes headed by people with only a high school education, reports the Los Angeles Times.

In more educated homes, families watch an average of 48 minutes of morning TV. Homes with less educated heads of households watch an hour and 16 minutes of morning TV.

The study found a similar trend for late-night TV, with more educated homes watching a nightly average of 52 minutes of TV. Less educated households spent one hour and 13 minutes, on average, watching late-night TV.

"Overall, the report shows that higher education and income levels were correlated with less TV usage, particularly at the early and late parts of the day," Nielsen said.


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