Disney Channel Pulls Episode of ‘Jessie’ After Viewer Complaints

May 22, 2013  •  Post A Comment

An episode of "Jessie" has been pulled by Disney Channel, after some viewers complained about the episode’s mocking of a character’s gluten intolerance, TVLine reports.

"[W]e received your feedback about tonight’s ‘Jessie’ episode which some of you accessed early on Video-on-Demand,” the network said in a statement posted on Facebook. “We are removing this particular episode from our regular programming schedule and will re-evaluate its references to gluten restrictions in the character’s diet. Please accept our apologies for the upset this episode caused you and your family.”

The episode found Jessie, a nanny for a wealthy family, minding one of her charge’s friends, who follows a gluten-free diet. Jokes were made at the condition’s expense, including pancakes being thrown at the child, who yelled, "Gluten!," the story says.

A petition on Change.org suggests the episode encourages bullying and objects to the portrayal of the character as "annoying, sniveling and demanding, repeatedly teased and excluded by the other children.”


  1. Dear Disney Channel,
    I am very upset and disappointed in you guys for multiple reasons. First off Disney is suppose to entertain small children, not teenagers! You have dropped shows or drastically decreased air time that the children enjoy like Mickey mouse clubhouse, phineas and ferb, etc. Instead you guys play teenage shows like Jesse, Austin and Aly, Shake it up, Gravity falls all day long. These shows are not appropriate for the younger children for a multitude of reasons. During the day smaller children are home and teens are at school and doing after school activities so why are you playing this nonsense for younger viewers? These shows are filled with arguing, drama, gossip, sexuality, and teens being disrespectful to their parents! There is entirely too much dating on these shows to be exposing young eyes to see. Why do 3-10 year old kids want to be watching kids dating and kissing? They are not interested in teenage drama and neither am I! Seriously, If you do not get age appropriate shows back on the Disney channel I refuse to let my children and or Grandchildren watch it. I know many other parents who are just as upset as I am. Infact there is an outrage on facebook I read this morning about the fact that
    you guys are planning on putting a Lesbian couple on Good luck Charlie! Why on earth would you do something like that?! I have lost all respect for the writers and producers of Disney channel….this is beyond disappointing. It just makes me and many parents angry! There is no reason in the world why we should expose small children to the gay community. It is a parents job to talk/teach/expose their kids to controversial issues like these, not Disney’s! So many parents I know are refusing to allow their kids to watch Disney any longer. Disney is suppose to be about the kids so focus on them and play more Disney Jr. shows and a lot less of this teenager drama shows! I have a 10 and 11 year old and they could care less about these shows you are playing and only want to watch Disney Jr. shows or Disney movies which you rarely play anymore! Seriously Disney channel get it together!

    • Can you actually be quiet?! You sound like every “can I talk to your manager crazy lady” ever. Exposing children to “adult stuff” isn’t bad! Do you want your children watching dumb idiotic cartoons that teach you nothing, or fun tv shows like Jessie or good luck Charlie that are actually funny for kids and actually prep them for when they grow up. If your kids stay sheltered, they won’t know basic life skills.

    • I get your outrage, but having a lesbian couple is perfectly acceptable! Are you saying you are against lesbians? Cuz that’s what it sounds like. It’s showing kids that other kids with two moms or two dads is ok. Are you saying it’s not ok?

  2. I am also very disappointed in the disney channel, on jessie, and good luck charlie, to much stuff for adults and highschoolers, one thing on hoodluck charlie, christmas episodw, they reffered to a drink as nogg, just like eggnogg… on jessie, constantantly talking about the devil, deamons,, funerals, talking abot sexual content, disrepect, cant you see, taht thae shows have no moral as or realistic teachings for children, gravity falls, is not suitable for children, the content of language and how they talk is not suitable for children, why can you get this…

  3. Hello just watched an episode of bunk’d where Emma’s boyfriend is going to kill her ( so is told to her by Robbie) her response is ” he could run a puppy mill & I’d still like him . Hmmmm really ? Do you know the torture those furbabies go through ? Didn’t think so obviously , its nothing to be joked about. I vokunteer to rescue & transport animals from these situations & NO ITS NOT A JOKE. …. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM THIS TYPE OF HUMOR

  4. In reference to these other comments: Grow the hell up and teach your kids whatever you want to teach them instead of bitching about it on the internet. No matter what parents do, kids will be exposed to the world. Instead of complaining about your kids seeing gossiping, sexuality, etc. on TV, be thankful that they are not injured or being abused or happening upon porn. I mean come on! It is the 21st century dammit! Time to grow up and raise kids to love each other. The only reason these TV shows have taken the initiative is because no one else has.

  5. THey have disney jr. you know …

  6. Disney Jr. May be more appropriate for your children. Disney is geared towards an older age group. I’m a mother of two teenage middle school children. if you parents don’t think the humor is appropriate for your teenage children, I hope you homeschool. I promise they hear way more inappropriate things at school and if you are unaware of this then jou need to talk to your kids!

    • That kind of reasoning and acceptance is exactly why middle school-aged kids talk like that and want to watch it on television as well. When parents homeschool, it’s usually because they don’t want the influence of the other parents which is communicated through their kids.

  7. My whole family is furious that on “Jessie” some of The Ring was shown. I’m told this was for older people and my 8yr old granddaughter was watching in the afternoon. Since then she cannot sleep alone, and she has nightmares. She cannot go to the bathroom on her own at night, needing to wake someone to accompany her. What are you thinking about? Maybe some with low intelligence would find this amusing, but this should never have been put on during the day, and a warning should have been made prior to it!

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