Do People Think Paula Deen Is Racist? New Survey Provides an Answer

Jul 3, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A new survey posing the question of whether respondents think embattled television chef Paula Deen is racist may provide a little ray of sunshine for Deen during her current difficulties.

The Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker reports that 71% of respondents in an online survey from Ask.com said they don’t believe Deen is racist.

Almost two-thirds believe another network will pick up a show from the celebrity chef, who lost her partnership with Food Network after she admitted to using the N-word.

The poll suggests that many viewers believe Deen’s former partners, which include Walmart Stores and Kmart, are blowing her behavior out of proportion. Respondents noted that they believe Lance Armstrong’s doping and Tiger Woods’ infidelity were worse, the story says.

It’s unclear how many users participated in the survey, however, the piece points out.


  1. A self-selected sample is not representative, so it’s just a junk poll.

  2. If one does not agree with the results of any poll, the automatic response in our mind is that the poll is flawed. We think, “How can people be so stupid to think what they said.” This is true about any poll on any subject. We can’t believe that the results of a poll are so different from our opinion.

  3. I agree with you completely. She is a racist and should not be lauded by ‘fans’ and sycophants.

  4. I admit not knowing how large the sample was can be misleading, but I agree with the results. Since Obama was elected, I have never heard so many abuses of the term ‘racist’ – most having absolutely nothing to do with race, more to do with religion or nationality. The so called ‘N-word’ is merely slang for Negro and can be used as such or can be used derogatorily. Many people who have grown up in the South think nothing of it. When Mark Furman was asked if he ever used it, he said ‘No’ and everyone knew he was a liar. Deen (whom I’ve never seen her show and wouldn’t be a fan anyway) was honest and has been severely punished for it. If she was found to have slaves, treated Blacks with prejudice or condescension, then hang her from the nearest tree. In the immortal words of Rodney King, “Can we all get along?”

  5. Paula Deen will be back this time next year on QVC Exclusively. Its the only company that did not send out an overall “termination” press release. QVC noted “Friends” should be given 2nd chances. so i bet all those contracts that had exclusivity for this or that type of item with Deen’s image will be cancelled out along with a clearance of all items shipped. After all this blows over, QVC will create an entire new line of Paula products for themselves and have Paula on to do Live Cooking etc. This will be a great business move for QVC and a slap in Food Networks face. Not to mention You Tube Gold (Mixing Cooking & Live TV)

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