Intern Fired Over Fake Asiana Crew Members’ Names

Jul 16, 2013  •  Post A Comment

An intern who confirmed several fake, racially insensitive names of crew members who crash-landed an Asiana flight in San Francisco has been fired by the National Transportation Safety Board, reports TheWrap.com.

Fox affiliate KTVU-TV broadcast the four names on Friday, with an anchor reading out the names on the air. Anchor Tori Campbell announced the prank names, including "Captain Sum Ting Wong" and "Wi Tu Lo" — with the names also appearing in an on-screen graphic. As previously reported, Asiana said it will sue KTVU on the basis that the report was racially discriminating.

KTVU wouldn’t disclose where it obtained the fake names, but said in the on-air report that they were confirmed by an NTSB official, TheWrap notes. The agency then blamed an intern for confirming the fake names.


  1. I cannot believe NO ONE in that newsroom did not catch this as a prank beforehand! Sounds like a producer in that newsroom as well as managing editor should be fired as well.As far as the anchor goes…well I guess “rip and read” will never die!

  2. I agree with you Tim. If someone called into the KTVU newsroom or sent them an electronic message with those phony names and they didn’t catch them, there is something way wrong in that news operation. I doubt that the anchor didn’t pre-read the script prior to air, most anchors do that to avoid any mispronunciations. It also had to get through graphics. I can only think that since we are in ratings, the idea of getting the information on the air first took precedence over making sure it was valid and accurate.

  3. A fifth grader could see what was going on. This, of course, answers the question of how smart do you have to be to work in a “news” operation these days.

  4. Obviously first is more important than accurate.

  5. Regardless, it’s amazing that Asiana wants to keep this going longer than necessary. Their reputation is shot because of a plane crashing not “racially discriminating” remarks. Anyways, these names were not “racially discriminating.” Poor taste? Sure. Racially discriminating? No way.

  6. Who was that news anchor guy who got fired his first day on air for not realizing that he was live while he was practicing the pronunciation of some names in an upcoming segment (then cussed when he couldn’t get it right?) Hmmmm? At least he TRIED to be prepared!

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