Long-Running Fox Series Moving to Cable

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A long-running prime-time series on Fox Broadcasting is moving to cable. The series will have its final airing of original episodes on Fox this upcoming season and then move to cable with new episodes in late 2014.

The show is Seth MacFarlane’s "American Dad," which has been a staple of Fox’s "Animation Domination" programming block for years on Sunday nights.The series will be moving to TBS.

Here’s what TBS said in its announcement of the deal: "TBS has picked up Twentieth Century Fox Television’s animated hit ‘American Dad!’ as an original series, beginning with the show’s 11th season. Created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman, ‘American Dad!’ will join TBS’s primetime lineup in late 2014. Sister network Adult Swim is set to present encores of each episode after initial airings on TBS. ‘American Dad!,’ which will begin its 10th season on the Fox television network this fall, is executive-produced by MacFarlane, Barker and Weitzman. TBS has ordered 15 episodes for season 11."

The announcement notes: "TBS and Adult Swim are no strangers to the Seth MacFarlane universe, having aired reruns of ‘American Dad!’ and MacFarlane’s ‘Family Guy’ throughout the networks’ lineups. TBS currently airs ‘American Dad!’ reruns weekdays … [and] Adult Swim presents reruns of the show."

Michael Wright, president and head of programming for TBS, TNT and TCM, said in the annoucement: " ‘American Dad!’ is a great fit for TBS, a favorite of comedy fans who like smart, irreverent humor with ample doses of biting wit and skewering satire. We look forward to welcoming Seth MacFarlane and the rest of his team as they bring this iconic show to TBS."


"American Dad!" is moving from Fox to TBS


  1. So FOX has effectively cancelled CLEAVELAND SHOW *and* AMERICAN DAD! – Wonder what this means for ANIMATION DOMINATION? A return for FUTURAMA? They’d have to plug something in there to round out the block of SIMPSONS, FAMILY GUY & BOB’S BURGERS (which is only getting better).

  2. American Dad is probably the funniest show on FOX, it doesn’t have to rely on cut-aways and use of obscure (used verbatim – not very original) references like Family Guy. I like American Dad and I am happy it will stay on for a few more seasons. I just don’t like that we get fewer shows and will have to wait for a few months (which it being cable means even longer) for the short season to begin.

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