Correspondent Jumps From ‘Today’ to ‘GMA’

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A correspondent who has been working for NBC News and has been featured on the "Today" show has made a move to ABC News. Sara Haines will work with a number of ABC News programs including "Today" rival "Good Morning America."

ABC News President Ben Sherwood announced the division’s hiring of Haines, who said her goodbyes to her "Today" cohorts on the air Friday.

Said Sherwood: "Sara’s storytelling combines exploration, adventure, humor and heart. She has tried everything from lobstering in Maine to spring training with the Miami Marlins. Her proudest moments always involve shining a light on people who have shown resilience and courage in difficult times, especially her work with Comfort Zone Camp and Kids of Courage."

Haines came up through the NBC Page Program and joined "Today" as a production coordinator in 2002, moving to the on-air team in 2009.

She will be based in New York and will begin her new job Sept. 3.

On Friday’s "Today" show, Haines reportedly told co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb during her tearful farewell: “Someone once told me, ‘Sometimes you have to leave home to grow up.’ It’s time for me to grow up.”


Sara Haines


  1. Sara who?? Another ABC news bunny hire..I can’t wait to change the channel. This one follows Aditi Roy, who was sent back from NBC News to WCAU after she flunked news reporter boot camp 3 TIMES !! Way to go ABC.
    Remember when they had real reporters???

    • I agree. Something about her is not very likeable. I love GMA and after seeing her this morning I was irritated and prompted to find out where who she was, where she came from and now I know… There is a reason I don’t watch NBC. Usually ABC starts my day with a smile, but now, I hope they get her out of there! I can’t be the only one moved to comment about her on our favorite morning show.

  2. Not fair, Steve. Sara is actually a very good feature reporter and may be able to move into harder news. ABC is giving her a chance and we should wait and see before assuming that she can’t do it.

  3. My husband & I absolutely love Sara Haines cannot believe NBC let a never great one go — their loss is ABC’s gain, one I am sure they will greatly appreciate. We need more like her on TV and the news. Best of Luck to you Sara!!!!

  4. I wish ABC would also take Al Roker…please!

  5. Hey! Who do you think you are, dissing someone you don’t even know? Sara is a bright, caring journalist – she will definitely make a difference at ABC.
    What is your great contribution to mankind??

  6. Sara Haines has been on the Today Show for years then went with Hoda and Kathie lee for the past 8 yrs. No kid from around the corner, although from Iowa, this is a talented, educated jounalist who is warm and in a no way a “bunny with a mentor” she earned her way. Sorry Bud, you are so wrong. Her reporting is “spot in” as we like to say in my hometown.

  7. I couldn’t agree MORE! Can’t stand him and they can take Savannah Guthrie too! I can’t believe NBC let her go. I saw her last day with Kathy Lee and Hoda and thought it was strange that they said she was going back to “College” I said, at her age? She already graduated college and is in her mid 30’s. Why would she give up a promising career? Then I saw her the very next week on GMA. She looked so different. Blonde, BLONDE hair and a lot of make up. Good for her. I always liked her.seyeni

  8. We’re glad she got away from Kathie Lee. Bad influence! ( not Hoda; just KLG). Good for you Sara!

  9. wow I’m late to the party as usual! I really liked Sara but it took me almost 5 months to notice she was gone. I record and watch when I can. I hate to be mean but I’m really sick of Hoda. She is really predictable! (that’s code for boring)

  10. Kathy Lee and Hoda are just FUN. Nice to see women working as a team with lots of common sense and “truthiness”. Interestingly, I never cared for KL on Regis, but now she is my favorite. She has matured beautifully…or maybe I have!

  11. Sara is sooooooooo much better than Jenna Bush Hager.

  12. I have known Sara since she was 20 years old (we met on a cruise in 1999 and became friends). She is incredibly smart, talented and funny, and holds a degree in GOVERNMENT from SMITH COLLEGE. Her father was president of a major appliance company for many years in Iowa and a also served as a consultant to the Governor of Iowa, so I think she may know a something about politics and is more than qualified to move into news. She started out in the page program at NBC just out of college and got hired to work on the Today show staff within two years which is a remarkable feat. In her five years working as a social media/special interest correspondent for Kathie Lee and Hoda’s hour, she more than proved she had indelible and irresistible on-air presence and was destined for higher things She gave the fourth hour of TODAY a much needed voice for the 20-30 something viewers. I love KL and Hoda but Sara was definitely a good addition to their team. I guess I always hoped Sara would stay with NBC and become the TODAY show anchor as I am a devout Peacock fan (ever since my childhood days in Indiana where I always favored our local NBC affiliate). But Sara was no dummy to see that GMA was staying at the top of the morning ratings, and greater opportunity lie at ABC, particularly as the TODAY show seemed comfortable with Savannah Guthrie, and Savannah and Sara are in the same age bracket, leaving little to no chance for her to assume that position.
    In the few times I have caught Sara on GMA she is doing outstanding work and has made a seamless transition.
    The other great thing about Sara is that she is an incredibly down-to-earth, genuine, and sweet person. It would not surprise me to see her in 20 years as one of the most influential women in the news media.

  13. Sara should have been groomed (tweaked a little) and given the assignments that were given to Jenna Bush just because she is a Bush.

  14. Can’t stand the way she always draws attention to herself in every way and in anything she reports.
    Very unprofessional — she reminds me of someone who reached her peak in high school (or rather middle school), and couldn’t move on —
    And her dance moves — enough already — a little of her goes a long way. So disappointed w/ her hire.

  15. I love watching Sara and the week-end group…I would enjoy the week days more if you got rid of Laura Spencer..

  16. Sara looks like she is pregnant. Is she? And if so, when is she due?

  17. She is annoying as hell, she doesn’t shut up! At 35 it’s time to grow up Sara, you appear ridiculous.

  18. I love Sara! She’s a joy to watch and her news reports are on point. The woman clearly is intelligtent, fun and caring and an experienced media person. I prefer GM America and now watch the weekend show mostly because she makes me laugh.. I think ABC made a wise decision adding her to the anchor desk on the weekends.

  19. Sara brightens my day and she is just as intelligent as any other news caster out there. Don’t bash good people.

  20. I think Sara is the best. Had to find her bio to learn more about her. She’s a light that really shines.

  21. I really enjoy Sara on GMA. I think she is great.

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