NBC, CNN Respond to GOP Concerns Over Hillary Clinton Projects

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NBC and CNN both told the Republican National Committee that its concerns over the networks’ Hillary Clinton projects are "premature," following the RNC’s threat of a boycott, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As previously reported, the RNC has threatened action against both NBC and CNN, which are both working on productions focused on Clinton. NBC reportedly has a Clinton miniseries in the works, while CNN is working on a documentary focused on the former first lady and Secretary of State.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sent letters to the networks warning that the group wouldn’t partner with them on presidential debates during the 2016 election cycle unless they "pull the plug on recently announced documentary programs about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

NBC responded with a "mildly worded" email, THR reports. In it, the network "even hinted the show might never air — regardless of partisan threats — since it has not yet been ordered into production," the story says.

"NBC Entertainment has many projects in development, and this particular miniseries — which has nothing to do with the NBC News division — is in the very early stages," the network said in the email, which was sent to THR.

The email adds: "The script has not been written nor has it been ordered into production. It would be premature to draw any conclusions or make any assumptions about it at this time."

Earlier Monday, Priebus revealed that he had written to NBC Entertainment and CNN requesting that they scrap their Clinton projects. In his letter to NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt, Priebus wrote: "As an American company, you have every right to air programming of your choice. But as American citizens, certainly you recognize why many are astounded at your actions, which appear to be a major network’s thinly veiled attempt at putting a thumb on the scales of the 2016 presidential election."

CNN also responded Monday, with the cable news channel also calling the RNC’s concerns "premature," THR reports.

The THR report adds: "Meanwhile, Priebus made an appearance on ‘Hannity’ on the Fox News Network, where he defended his decision to pressure CNN and NBC."

Priebus reportedly said on the program: "We have to control the referees we’re bringing into our playground, and right now I can’t trust two organizations that are willing to spend millions of their own dollars in promoting a candidate that they know is gearing up to run for president. If it’s no big deal and it’s just sort of this evenhanded review of Hillary Clinton, fine, then just wait two years and when she doesn’t run for president, move forward with your documentary. Nothing is going to change. Hillary is going to be here for plenty of years for us to produce movies and documentaries about Hillary Clinton. That’s all."


  1. It is time to end media run candidate debates. The Left does not trusyt right-leaning journos and vise versa. And there are not true non-partisans left. Not sure what the next format is, but the “Journalist” participation should end. Maybe Business & Community leaders, maybe citizen questions. Maybe candidates submit questions for each other – scubbed for SPIN.
    Last cycle’s Presidential Debate Moderator performances was smameful. repbubs are suckers if they allow this format to continue.

  2. So if I’m reading this brouhaha correctly, the party that pushed for unlimited spending and outside secret money to be infused into campaigns so that the Richie Rich’s of the world can make their own propaganda films is upset because the opponents are doing it too? Perhaps they should have thought that step through before they pushed Citizen’s United. By the way Reince, just like the films pushed in the last election(s), if only the base watches that channel, they attain no gain.

  3. I still say BOYCOTT!!!!! NBC leave them in the dust!!

  4. Don’t forget the Sinclair (now owning or controlling >100 TV stations) with their anti Kerry Swift Boat “documentary.”

  5. Our “Representative” form of government has taken it on the chin by the super wealthy, me firsters-special interest individuals, groups and corporations so many times in the last fifty years, that it is barely recognizable today.
    What was illegal has been bent to be made “legal” technically so that the robber baron corporations can get even more money and power. They are the current day traitors.
    It will take herculean efforts on the few still good super wealthy and the very few patriotic legal beagles to turn the curve back towards a truly representative government.
    As for all the brooha…No, the networks should NOT do anything with the debates other than carry the signal to their affiliates.
    The so-called Senators and members of Congress should be forced back from yet another “vacation” and locked into twelve hour per day, seven days a week sessions and actually do their jobs.
    2016 should not be on anyone’s mind for another two years.
    Peter Bright

  6. So now the RNC is going to tell the networks how to program or they’ll take their marbles home?? OK, RNC, Boycott us and save us from the idoits you will front for office. When are the networks going to show some stones and tell the RNC to pound salt. The network Presidents need to remind the RNC that America is still a democracy and despite the GOP’s desperate attempts to create a single Ministry of Truth, the RNC Propaganda Thugs will not control US Television.
    Show some stones not these mealy-mouthed

  7. If the news networks really had any stones, they’d go all Will McAvoy in the debates, cross-examine the candidates (in both parties), demand they back up their stump rhetoric with facts and dare them to walk off the stage.

  8. Peter, as usual, you are on-the-money. When you even have the “wealth reporter” on CNBC, just 12 weeks ago showing how the wealth distribution is now nearly identical to the Gilded Age ending, of course with the great depression. The difference between then and now is our in the 30’s representative government changed the laws to break up Wall St and Banks. Today, the “ruling class” spent the last 30 yrs returning the laws to before the depression. Since they are all millionaires now, they have no interest in representing us peasants.

  9. The Republicans fell right into the hands of Hillary. All of this creates a great fundraising platform for her. Republicans trying to censor the networks. Already Republicans attacking her and she has not announced for anything. When will the Republicans learn that it isn’t always necessary to ATTACK.

  10. @CableGuy: Community/business leaders can be an option, if they clearly present themselves as impartial. I live in a metro area where the head of the local chamber of commerce has conducted multiple televised debates among local candidates, so it can be done.

  11. The RNC? Are they still around?

  12. Please Steve Bergen close your eyes and all of the complaints against the democrat are now agaainst a republican. Then think further and tell me if ANYTHING the media has handled with the democrat would have been the same, the answer is NO. The media only asks probing questions, disputes statements of a party they don’t agree with. Media/entertainment has no right steering the decision (documentary or FACTION), objectivity has been lost.

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