How Leah Remini Plans to Blow the Lid Off Scientology

Aug 5, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Actress Leah Remini, who recently broke from Scientology, has warned that she’s not about to keep quiet about her experiences with the group, and now Us Weekly is reporting that she plans to write a tell-all book about those experiences.

"It will include my experiences, everything that’s taboo to talk about," she told Us. She spoke to the publication at the 15th annual DesignCare event in Malibu, Calif.

Remini said she’s going through "a time of change." She added, "I think the fact that my family has taken a stance and we are on a united front says a lot."

"Remini isn’t lacking in supporters," the report notes. "Earlier this week, the actress received some kind words of encouragement from fellow Hollywood Scientology defector Paul Haggis."

Haggis, who wrote back-to-back Oscar winners for best picture in "Million Dollar Baby" and "Crash," wrote in a letter to The Hollywood Reporter: "Leah and I were always friendly but never close friends. Despite this, she called me as soon as she heard about my letter of resignation. Unlike the rest of my former friends, she expressed real sadness that I was leaving and concern for me and my family."

The Us report adds: "Haggis further explained that Remini risked getting in trouble to defend him and his family to members of the Church, for which he ‘will forever be grateful.’"

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