Fox in Production on New Quiz Show

Aug 31, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Fox has begun production on a new quiz show with British studio 12 Yard Productions that is scheduled to air during the 2006-07 season.

On “The Rich List,” strangers paired at random are thrown together to form teams that must outwit their opponents by filling in missing answers on a list. The wide-ranging list topics could be films directed by Steven Spielberg, hit singles by ABBA or states with a coastline. Contestants bid upward against each other while predicting how many answers on a particular subject they will be able to list. If a team fails to list as many answers as it thought it could, the other team wins.

The winning pair moves on to the second round, earning the right to play in a new game of list-making in which each correct answer is worth increasing amounts of money. Winning teams return to face a new set of opponents and try to win even more money in a potentially endless number of games.

12 Yard’s David Young, Andy Culpin and Mike Beale are executive producing. The company also produced the short-lived ABC reality series “The Benefactor.”

“Rich” will be hosted by Irish television personality Eamonn Holmes. Mr. Holmes, a morning show host in Great Britain for 12 years, is the twice-weekly host of BBC One’s “National Lottery Jet Set” and a radio sports commentator.