‘Entourage’ Creator Explores Fast Wealth

Apr 30, 2007  •  Post A Comment

In this week’s exclusive Backlot talk podcast, “Entourage” creator and executive producer Doug Ellin gives his 39 cents about last night’s episode, which was based on Mr. Ellin’s high-school friend who made a fortune selling stamps.

After running into the creator in Los Angeles, this friend had asked how to get into the screenwriting business. Mr. Ellin ran into the friend again two years later, but he still hadn’t made any waves.

“And then a year later, I start hearing things about him; he was at the ground floor of Stamps.com and now he has $65 million,” the creator mused. “And it was the story that everyone was talking about constantly who went to school with me.”

“Those are the things that I hear so much about: People work so hard and all of a sudden these guys, especially during the dot-com boom, were just making all this money really quickly,” he continued. “And I guess now you have a similar thing, which I’m going to explore in the next show I’m doing about hedge funds, but these people make just exorbitant amounts of money very quickly and some would say easily.”

Next week’s episode is one of Mr. Ellin’s favorites that “we’ve ever done.” Set during Yom Kippur, it features actor Adam Goldberg in a guest role. The story is one that “could be insular” but came together with broad appeal, he said.

In an episode later this season, Drama plays out a scenario Mr. Ellin’s can only dream — or write — of by confronting a less appealing review at Daily Variety.

“I get the Google alert, so I get every article that comes out,” Mr. Ellin said. “We got very positive reviews, but the L.A. Variety reviewed us very negatively … so I kind of used the show as a fantasy for me. Drama’s character gets a poor review and goes after the guy. Unfortunately you can’t really do that in real life, or most people can’t.”

Mr. Ellin is currently penning the 20th and last episode of the season, and filming is underway this week on an episode featuring recording artist Mary J. Blige.

For the full interview with Mr. Ellin, go to TVWeek.com’s Backlot Talk to listen to the full podcast..

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