HD-DVD Makes Gains Against Blu-ray

May 31, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Sales of HD-DVD titles have made gains on their Blu-ray counterparts in recent weeks, with Amazon.com tracking showing sales of the Toshiba-owned format matching and even surpassing Sony titles.
As of this week, tracking of the top 25 HD-DVD and Blu-ray products show HD-DVD titles outselling Blu-ray, for the first time in months.
Among the top 100 products, current sales have the formats running neck-and-neck. Among the top 10 titles, Blu-ray still leads.
Sony’s Blu-ray took the sales lead after the holidays and has since held sway by a large margin. But this month, Toshiba launched a promotion offering a $100 instant rebate on its HD-A2 player, dropping its price to $299— a price-point that many consumer experts believe is key to widespread consumer adoption.
One report had Amazon.com cutting its price on the Toshiba player to only $238 over Memorial Day weekend. By comparison, Sony players still run about $799, though a $599 player from Panasonic is expected to be released next month.
Toshiba claimed in Video Business that sales of its players have increased tenfold at some retailers.
Earlier this month, HD-DVD and Blu-ray faced off with the same-day release of the first two “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies in the Sony format and the “Matrix” series in HD-DVD.


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