The CW Harvests ‘Farmer’

May 4, 2007  •  Post A Comment

The CW has picked up the FremantleMedia reality series “Farmer Wants a Wife,” people familiar with the deal said.
The dating series is based on a concept that has aired in 10 overseas territories, matching woman from big cities who long for a laid-back small-town lifestyle with successful farmers.
The fish-out-of-water series will begin shooting eight, one-hour episodes this summer.
“Farmer” will be The CW’s first original dating reality show. The network also airs “Beauty and the Geek,” which it picked up from The WB. Since its debut last fall, The CW’s reality shows tend to be the highest-rated programs on the network.
“Farmer Wants a Wife” is produced by FremantleMedia North American. Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper and Joanna Vernetti are executive producers.
The series originated in the UK, where it premiered in 2001.
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