YouTube to Pay Indie Producers

May 4, 2007  •  Post A Comment

YouTube has taken a page from Revver’s playbook and now plans to pay a cut of the ad revenue to some of the most popular independent producers who post on the site.
The company said in a blog post on its site late last night that it will include some of the most popular and prolific content creators, such as “LisaNova,” “renetto” and “HappySlip,” in YouTube’s partnership program that also includes big media partners like CBS and the National Basketball Association.
“Initial user participants have been selected from the content creators that you have helped popularize by watching their videos and subscribing to their channels. Because they have built and sustained large, persistent audiences through the creation of engaging videos, their content has become attractive for advertisers, which has helped them earn the opportunity to participate on YouTube as a partner,” the company said in its post.
YouTube opened the program in response to the evolution in the content over the last year and a half to include elaborate series and “YouTube celebrities,” said Jamie Byrne, YouTube’s head of product marketing in a phone interview with TVWeek. YouTube chooses the content partners based on number of subscriptions to their channel and number of views. “There will be some names you recognize and some names you might not recognize but we know they contribute to the community in a big way and they are building audience around themselves. They are not creating one-off viral videos and going away,” he said.
Banner ads are placed next to the videos. The creators are paid based on the number of views. Mr. Byrne said YouTube is evaluating additional ad strategies to monetize partner content.
The program isn’t open to everyone. But if a producer can build and sustain an audience, he or she might qualify for participation, YouTube said.


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