‘ReGenesis’ Brings HD to Syndication

Jun 11, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Canadian television series “ReGenesis” is set to become the first syndicated original drama series offered in high definition when it airs in the United States this fall.
The majority of the 52 episodes of the procedural drama about the North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission were shot in HD. The first season of 13 shows, originally shot in standard definition, had to be up-converted to make them HD-compatible.
The show has been sold in nearly 75 percent of U.S. markets by Program Partners on station groups including ABC, Belo, CBS, Granite, Fox, Hearst, Landmark, Lin, Tribune and Young.
Program Partners’ principal, Joe Raphaelson, who founded the television company with partner Ritch Colbert, said the series is perfect for HDTV.
“It’s a series that has really high levels of action in it and lots of bright color, which looks great in high-def,” Mr. Raphaelson said. “Viewers will find this series provocative and irresistible.”
Mr. Raphaelson was initially sold on the series based on its writing and character development, but admits the fact that it’s shot in HD made it more appealing.
“The industry is moving in an HD direction,” he said. “We are one of the top distributors in syndication, and going forward we’ll be looking for more properties that can accommodate the desire for HD.”
“ReGenesis” won the 2007 International Emmy in the interactive program category as well as the 2006 Gemini Award for cross-platform project.
The series is produced by Shaftesbury Films and distributed worldwide by Oasis International and Shaftesbury Sales Co.


  1. The U.S. is in for a treat with this terrific Canadian show coming into syndication. It’s a smart, timely and exciting show with an occasional dig at the States’ current political situation. That alone makes it vastly entertaining and it’s also a show that isn’t afraid to talk about cutting-edge scientific principles, even if it’s only in a fictional context. And in HD, even better!

  2. Just found this. It’s a great show, airing at 12:35 Saturday night in Boston on Channel 5 (ABC). It looks like it’s going to move to an earlier time slot. Loved the film of real China and the action is interesting and complicated with lots of references to what is going on here and internationally.

  3. I saw one episode of ReGenesis about a week ago. What a surprise I found. A series with more science and intellect. What a breath of fresh air !
    Since I came in on the middle of the episode I didn’t see which network it was on. Just know it was not ABC, CBS or FOX. I am earnestly seeking more episodes of this drama and anxiously looking forward to viewing them. KUDOS to it’s creator !

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