Rosie: ‘Price’ Isn’t Right

Jun 25, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Rosie O’Donnell said the “Price Is Right” hosting job “ain’t gonna happen.”
Declaring she does not want to move to Los Angeles to host the show, Ms. O’Donnell said on her blog this weekend that the veteran game show is not worth her time and effort.
When asked if she was thinking of taking the “Price” job, she wrote on Sunday: “i would love to but it is in LA.” When asked if she’d move her family to host the show, she added, “no … i would have to tape many shows in one week … i am not sure it is possible.”
On the video portion of her site, she was even more declarative: “I don’t really need a job … I don’t need the money … If they were able to do it in New York it would be a different story, but it looks like it ain’t gonna happen.”
“Price” is taped at CBS Television City in Los Angeles and sources said producers FremantleMedia North America and the network are unwilling to meet Ms. O’Donnell’s request to move the production to her home of New York City.
Ms. O’Donnell has been under consideration for the “Price” job along with several other candidates, including “Entertainment Tonight” co-anchor Mark Stein and actor/comedian Drew Carey.


  1. “Rosie ‘Ain’t gonna happen!'” Now there’s a quote I can live with.
    I can’t understand why Bob Barker (or anyone else) would want her on ANYTHING.
    She is the prime example of how low television has sunk since the days of the three networks having something worth watching every night.
    And Barbara Walters: Quit waffling about how you didn’t want her on the “View.” Nobody did!

  2. Rosie hosting Price Is Right? I can’t think of a more opposite person to host the show than Rosie. She’s a harsh and mean spirited person who needs to grow up before she could be anywhere near the type of person that should take over the reins of such a fun and friendly show.

  3. Well, forget about TPIR – I was hoping Rosie would replace Jay Leno as the host of The Tonight Show (We need to see more women on late night television, not daytime television).
    However since The Tonight Show is taped in Los Angeles, I guess asking Rosie to host, “Ain’t gonna happen”-?

  4. It’s a good thing its not going to happen. I’ve been a big fan of the Price Is Right for many years. If she had been hired as the new host, I wouldn’t have watched the show ever again. She’s a joke compared to Bob Barker. Let’s hope the producers of the show find someone with the same qualities as Bob.

  5. Thank God. She got bounced from ONE job because of her nutjob rantings about steel not melting. The viewing public has spoken.

  6. I believe that the Price is Right should go off the air. Don’t have an uproar just yet. The name should be erased, but the concept, the wheel, the game itself, should not. What I mean is that The Price is Right is Bob Barker; what is going to premiere in the fall will be more of a spin-off of the Price is Right. Of course, with the right host it could be the Frasier of game show spin-offs, or with the wrong choice, it could be the Joey counterpart. However, I believe the name of the show should change to reflect the changing of the guard. To anybody who hosts the Price is Right- everyone will chirp, “It’s not the same.” Well, that’s because it is not the same entity anymore. I feel the show should be called something else, such as Bob Barker’s Showcase and have a new undiscovered talent host it. Anyone hosting that we recognize won’t work. We need a new recruit, to start a new phase and honoring Bob Barker in the name of the show- that just feels right.
    And another thing- CBS really missed the mark. This could have been a great reality show. “COME ON DOWN! The Search for the Next Price is Right Host” That would have been a great show and the viewers could have voted for the host that they wanted. It would have had big names and undiscovered ones. A mix that would have given us entertaining moments. Price is Right producers could have put the contestants into situations like overcrazed fans, malfunctioning Plinko boards, and dumb contestants. The final episode could have aired live with Bob Barker wishing the new host the best of luck and then maybe even a live episode of the PIR game with the new host. I think this would have allowed viewers to grown accustomed to the new host better. Instead viewers will have to acclimate without any warning. But then I guess, they probably would have had a hard time finding host for the show trying to find a host. I think I just created a game show, reality show paradox.

  7. Great host options that TPIR should consider:
    (not necessarily in this order)
    1. Billy Crystal
    2. Arsenio Hall
    3. Margaret Cho
    4. George Lopez
    5. Tyra Banks
    6. Jillian ____ (from Fox football and formerly Good Morning LA, etc)
    6. Bob Saggett
    7. Ellen DeGeneres
    8. Richard Dawson
    9. Robin Williams
    10. Tim Allen

  8. …and if you could get him to do it,
    JAMES BROWN (Journalist and Sunday football show anchor) would be perfect…he projects that unique blend of gravitas and warm and fuzzy friendlness, really-cares-about-everybody personality…and he has a presence that would own the stage.

  9. First off, I think Brock made an excellent suggestion regarding the reality show concept. The people from Moonves on down should hang their head in shame for missing such an opportunity! Hopefully Brock (or someone like him) will make it to the hallowed halls of the network development offices – he’s really thinking outside the box.
    Rosie just needs to wake up and realize that her career has “jumped the shark” – it would be better for her to stay in NYC and produce a Broadway play rather than appear on camera anymore. Hetero & homo America are truly tired of her.

  10. I agree with the idea for having a show to discover a new host. (And in the list following it is Jillian Barberie)
    The Price is Right without Bob Barker is like Ernie without Bert. You could do it, but why would you want to? Better to have a spin-off as suggested. If they call it The Price is Right with another host they might as well flush that money down the toilet. Wait! If they truly want to throw that money away they can send it to me c/o….

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