Twentieth, Reveille Launch ‘Mom Show’

Jun 14, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Twentieth Television and Reveille LLC are moving forward with the launch of “The Mom Show,” slated for the fall of 2008. The potential daytime strip will aim to bring celebrities and authorities together in the field of parenting, with the show examining family topics and sharing the latest trends in the areas of cooking, fashion, fitness and finances.
“With moms making up a significant portion of daytime audiences this advertiser-friendly show will be a viewing destination for females of all ages desiring relevant and topical news, advice, and inspiration,” said Bob Cook, president and COO of Twentieth Television.
In addition, “The Mom Show” will feature an interactive web site complimenting the topics of each day’s show. The site will offer additional information, resources, links and community boards for mothers to interact with each other.
“Our mothers are the unsung heroes of American society,” said Ben Silverman, founder of Reveille and recently appointed to Co-Chairman of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio. “They also drive key decision making in families. I’ve always wanted to produce a show celebrating the American mom!”
Reveille’s Howard T. Owens and Mark Koops will serve as executive producers for the program.
Also said to be in the works for the 2008 season are series featuring comedienne and actress Bonnie Hunt from Telepictures and “Deal or No Deal” with Howie Mandel.
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  1. FROM: “Ruth Hill”
    TO: ben.silverman@nbcuni.com
    CC: bob.cook@fox.com, ed.wilson@fox.com, roger.ailes@fox.com, jack.abernathy@fox.com, paul.bucciera@fox.com, les.eisner@fox.com, bob.Wright@nbcuni.com, jeff.zucker@nbcuni.com
    Dear Mr. Silverman,
    It has come to my attention that you are going to be producing a brand new talk show geared towards Mom’s.
    Let me tell you why I feel that this would be an incredibly bad idea;
    1. You will be targeting a specific group of individuals; “mothers”. What about those of us who cannot have children, nor can we afford to use such techniques as IVF and other fertility treatments, on top of that, for those of us who are not in an income bracket where adoption is an option, being called “Mom” is something we will never hear.
    2. Those who will be presenting your show will not only be Mom’s but will be celebrity Mom’s at that. Women who live in a world so far removed from that of your everyday woman. Celebrities who have the means to take wonderful family vacations to exotic locales, when those who live in the “real world” have to contend with a trip to the Playland at MacDonald’s.
    3. What about those women who are married to men who feel that their wives should be able to achieve all that these celebrity Mom’s are accomplishing? How realistic is it for the average Mom to look her best at all times of the day, have the kids cleaned, the house immaculate, and have dinner on the table when he gets home? This kind of show will place an incredible amount of pressure on Mom’s to achieve an existence which is inconceivable to the average woman.
    Hollywood is already battling the weight and image problem in the influences it places on young girls to be “perfect” and live in a “perfect existence”. Are you now going to place the same sorts of pressures on the mother’s of America (and the world)?
    I now refer back to point 1.
    In 1995, I was married to my first husband. We were given care of a 3 month little girl. Her mother, a cocaine addict, brought Jessica to me and asked me if I would care for her for the weekend.
    I did not see the mother again for three weeks. When she came back, she did not want to take Jessica and in fact asked if my husband and I would give her $500 and “buy” Jessica from her.
    I told her that if she truly wanted to give her daughter up to us for adoption, we would take the legal route. I told her that she should consider this for a period of time, which we came to agree would be 6 months. I told her that it would be important to us, and to Jessica, that Jessica knew who her birth mother was, and that she was welcome to visit any time while she was making her decision, and if she decided to continue with the adoption, after that time as well.
    She agreed and left.
    We did not see her for another four months. Jessica was growing fast. She clung to me continuously. I was her “Mom” and at 6 1/2 months said her first word, which of course, was “Mama”.
    The mother again turned up on our doorstep begging us to give her $500 and we could keep Jessica. Again, we told her that she had to wait and that we would ONLY consider this if it was via legal avenues. Again, she agreed and disappeared.
    At nine months of having Jessica, we had made arrangements to see an adoption attorney and were also planning Jessica’s first birthday party. Invitations were sent out, arrangements planned out. Our little girl was turning 1 year old.
    I had walked with her in the middle of the night when she was teething, I had cradled her and loved her during her bouts with colic, it was with me that we discovered her intolerance to lactose which was triggering her stomach/colic problems. I was the one who saw her take her first steps. I held her hand as she progressed to a beautiful little “lady”. She was my pride and joy, and she always looked to me with the love in her eyes any child has for their loving mother. When she had bad dreams, she only called for me. And it was me, who had her potty-trained at 9 months old.
    The week before we were meeting with the lawyer, which was scheduled for the Thursday, followed by Jessica’s big birthday party on Saturday… Thursday was her actual birthday; there came a knock on the door. There, on our doorstep, was Jessica’s birth mother.
    She told me that she had informed her parents about Jessica’s existence. Her parents told her they would buy her a house and pay for everything in the house if they could have Jessica in their lives. She was still able to stay on her disability payments, she could use that money for her cocaine habit, and everything else would be paid for by her parents. She told me that she wanted to have Jessica back. I told her that we had an appointment with the lawyer the following Thursday (this was a Sunday night). She said she had “changed her mind” and that she needed Jessica because Jessica was now her “cash cow” (her words exactly). She then informed me that if I did not “comply” she was going straight to the police and telling them that my husband and I had kidnapped her daughter. My husband told me that we had no choice.
    Jessica was in my arms holding my neck tightly and crying because her Mommy was upset. Her birth mother literally ripped Jessica from my arms and walked off with Jessica screaming and kicking down the hallway. You must remember, her birth mother had never visited her or wanted to see her once since dropping her off with us, so she did not know this “stranger”.
    I immediately went to my bedroom, closed the door and put the pillow over my head. And all I could hear was Jessica screaming… “MOMMY! MOMMY! I WANT MY MOMMY! I DON’T KNOW YOU! MOOOOMMMMY!”
    My little girl was gone. My life stopped. I felt like I had stopped breathing. Even today, 11 years later, my heart is pounding in my chest, and tears are streaming down my face remembering this as if it happened this evening.
    I was lost. I withdrew from the world. I attempted suicide many times after that. I began cutting my arms, and burning myself, just to “feel” something. My husband did commit suicide, and I was totally lost.
    After that, it took me six years before I would even entertain the thought of holding a baby, a child again.
    While I function normally today, I still avoid children’s sections of stores. I am now re-married, and in the first year of my marriage to my husband, I lost three pregnancies. The last one, I carried for 8 weeks. I have not been able to get pregnant since. And I fall into the bracket of women who does not have enough money to adopt a child, or have fertility treatments.
    I do not speak of my little girl, Jessica. I do not even want to think about where she is today, or how she is faring. I had a beautiful angel come into my life for 9 months, and for 9 months I lived life in pure joy. But then, just like that, she was (literally) ripped out of my arms, and her screams still haunt me to this day. I also do not think of the psychological trauma my little girl suffered. Will she have abandonment issues growing up or as an adult? What kind of betrayal did she feel my just “letting her go”?
    I did not fight for her because I did not know where she was taken. I only know that her mother left the city to another city with her. She literally disappeared that night… stolen by her birth mother, and I have to tell you, my wound is still raw!
    So, your show about Mom’s will be something that I will ardently avoid. It makes no sense to me, and all it does is remind me of the heartache of being a woman who had and then lost.
    Have you even considered the mother’s out there who had children and they died? And all the women who cannot have children? What about the women who have children with severe mental or physical disabilities?
    My cousin was born during a time when babies, who were born on the weekend (interrupting doctor’s “important” golf sessions) were “sucked” out of the mother’s. My cousin was sucked out and it caused his head to become mis-shapen and elongated. For the first three years of his life, he lived in a body cast to ensure that his body, and his limbs would grow straight. His mother never had anymore children, in fact to ensure this, she had her tubes tied, knowing that the rest of her life, she would have to dedicate to taking care of her, now severely brain-damaged child. She did not have a choice. She died last year from cancer, and even when she was dying and could not move on her own, and she was in a diaper and being washed by a nurse who came in everyday, her only thought was what would happen to her severely handicapped son?
    I have another friend who had twins. They were born extremely premature and were severely brain damaged. In fact the girl is so bad that when the family has to go anywhere for a family reunion or the likes, my girlfriend has to always stay home to take care of Annie. She has NO time for herself and the only time she gets to read a book, or take a nap is if she hires someone to come in as a “mother’s helper”. This relief is far in between because of the money it costs and they are not rolling in money!
    For these women, how do you think it would feel to see such a show where the babies are all “perfect” and they have money to shower gifts and wonderful experiences on their children. How do you think it would make the mother of children with severe disabilities to then look at their child and to never know what it is like to have a child without such issues? How depressed to do want to make these women?
    What about the adult-child who’s mother was abusive? Such a large portion of adults have psychological issues due to their own mothers. How would it be for them to watch a show where the celebrity mothers are so “perfect” and “wonderful” and their own mothers are not?
    How do you think mother’s who’s children have grown up and left home will feel? Do you think that such a show would appeal to their mentality? My own mother lives half-way around the world. I miss her like crazy as she misses me. We cannot be together. How do you think your show would make such women (and men) feel?
    And what about the women who have lost their mothers? Grieving over their loss and watching this kind of a show…?
    Have you also considered the stay-at-home dad’s? While they may be in a situation where they are in the home, raising the children, they could never connect with being a “mother”. That is simply impossible!
    Have you TRULY thought this out? Have you TRULY thought about your target audience? Have you taken into consideration that your show may (and most likely will) be played on several different stations, and as we “flip” through the channels we will, at some point, come across it?
    I think you should think VERY clearly about becoming a part of, and airing such a show. It is discriminatory and biased only towards a specific section of the populace and it is hurtful and demeaning to those of us who have lost and who are desperate to have children of our own. This type of show is meaningless to us.
    It is also meaningless to those mothers who have got children. When this show would air, most mothers are folding laundry, or maybe clearing up the dirty breakfast or lunch dishes, maybe it will be at a time when their children are finally down for a nap and the mother has an hour of peace to herself. Do you honestly think that she would opt to watch something which locks her back into her situation of being a mother? Don’t you think she would rather watch something which would take her mind off of the mundane of her world? What about a show geared towards the whole family, or even a show which would feature design techniques, or crafts such as scrapbooking, or giving her ideas on how she can save space or even make space in a small(er) area on a very tight budget, or something which will HELP her rather than hinder her. I know that Rachael Ray has her show about dining out in a different country/state/city on $40 a day. This is something which appeals to people because they could take a trip with their families and locate the restaurants she has visited knowing what to expect. It gives the viewer something they can actually work with and maybe even something to look forward to outside of the mundane.
    Do you even know how many mothers out there are depressed about their situations? Now when you flash a celebrity mother across their screen, a mother who has a personal trainer, a professional dog walker, a nanny, a maid, a personal stylist, hair styling team, etc… a woman who has everything taken care of for her so that she can spend that quality time with her children and not worry about dinner being ready when the husband walks through the door, or the house being in tip-top shape, or the children bathed, fed, and precious just waiting for their bedtime stories…. Of COURSE the celebrity Mom can handle all the pressures of her day because of the amount of help she receives. But the average mother has neither trainer, dog walker, nanny, maid, and if she is lucky, she may get to the salon once in a very blue moon.
    What kind of message is it that you are trying to send to your viewers? “Ha! Ha! Look at how your life sucks?” Because that is the ONLY message that this genre of show would create!
    I hope you truly, truly start thinking clearly about the magnitude of pissed-off women across the United States you are going to create. We will NOT just accept this. We will boycott, we will stand united before the press and we will rag on you till you wear down. I know a BUNCH of women personally, who want nothing to do with your show and we will stand united as we totally boycott it.
    I hope that you have read this far and that my words speak loud and clear to you. This show will do nothing but slap me and everyone else who has lost, or who cannot have children, in the face; and we will NOT accept it. You are slapping an even larger audience in the face by presenting the perfect celebrity mother to us and then telling the Mom’s of America how to mother their children… yes, from a celebrity point of view, no doubt…. you foolish, foolish man if you think that this will fly!
    Please re-think your decision to produce such a show and re-consider other options or simply create a whole new show. You are smart enough to do that…. I am sure.
    Ruth Hill

  2. I am having my morning coffee reading this.I think that Mr. Silverman has the idea that every mother
    has and every women has a happy life. The talk show for MOM has to many flaws with the idea.Many women suffer from not being moms. I cam from a mother who was very abusive.My mother use to beat the living tar out of me. Mr. Silverman call mothers unsung hero’s maybe for some that might ring true as for me my mother was crazy. I like many chidlren ended up being removed from my home.
    I can see that it is not a good idea right off the bat for a talk show. MOM is a powerful word.I do not get how they can use the word MOM do you not need a Trademark approval to use this word?
    Siverman better go back and drum up a better idea for a talk show. It looks like this one is not going to fly.I was a abused child like many of millions abused kids this is not a talk show I would like to see made.

  3. Lord help me. Say it is not so? This cannot be. I think that Mr. Silverman has sunk to a all time low here. A MOM TALK SHOW? I am just going to say that my mother passed away when I was just two. I was left without a mother. I think the many people would agree, just including Mothers for a talk show would put the burden of pain on millions. Millions who are left without Mothers.Oh Lordey, I can see that this Mr. Silverman has over stepped his plan. Never mind about the women who cannot have children like my sister who is living with depression over all this. It is like a death for her. So buy all means a talk show just for Mothers I have a feeling this is going to upset many people. I know it would upset me.
    I need something in a talk show that takes me away from thinking about not having a mother. Like Oprah now that women is my sister! I just love Oprah God Bless her.

  4. I think the idea of a MOM talk show could be stressful for Moms’s every day life.The”celebrities and authorities together in the field of parenting” is a joke what makes celebrities people we need to listen to? This is a serious job being a mother and adding celebrity moms to this show is a huge mistake. No women can live up to these celebrity women. The entire show shows lacks of professional judgment.The people who even thought about such a talk show lacks talent and even more so character. Poor name poor idea for a everyday talk show.

  5. I remember the MOMMIES Talk Show that was a huge flop. That was like back in the 90’s. This will be a even bigger flop!
    Caryl and Marylin didn’t begin hosting their ABC daytime talk show, “Caryl and Marylin: Real Friends,” until the Summer of 1996, one year after “Mommies” was canceled. And if I remember correctly, “Caryl and Marylin” the talk show was canceled after only two seasons (or less?), and replaced by “The View.”
    Anything that has Mom or Mommy or mother name seems to fail. I do think the reason is that mom’s are very stressed out people and when a TV show puts them in touch with being a mom they never seem th escape the everyday of being a mother.
    That is why Mr. Silverman’s show will flop and the fact that women who want to be mothers and cannot have a baby refuse to give power to such shows. Show people tune out and not watch the shows and the shows get canceled!
    I for one and not going to like the MOM Talk show for personal reasons.

  6. Good Lord…not this talk show is never going to get off the ground! The name of the show sounds like a kiddie show. Nope I think this show will not make it to air. I am a mother of two and this show is not a show I would want to watch. To much mommy crap all at one time to have to watch. Give me Ellen she makes me laugh!

  7. ummmmm is this show going to happen this year/ This si the frist I have heard about it. I hope not I hope the networks have someone fun for a talk show host that help make our day!

  8. Round about six million humans on the world, 3 quarters have read jesus. One man talking in only one country, initiated this, by word of mouth. Bloggers have the internet with which to reach all of those people, all this at your fingertips, you can change anything, go for it bad boys!!!!!!

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  12. Celeb hi-jinks are not news. I can’t care about how inane famous and rich men and women are.

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